• Yes, they definitely are

    There are certain tasks that humans are much more capable at completing than robots. Robots are great for mundane or repetitive tasks, but sometimes you need humans for things that require thinking. Not every task is the same and to have a robot perform all tasks would produce insufficient results.

  • But of course!

    I can't see why this is even up for debate! Humans are more capable at completing subjective tasks than robots for sure. Humans can decide what is best for a given task better than robots when there is a human element involved in a task, such as this very question!

  • Robots are not better than humans

    I believe humans are more capable than robots at completing tasks because we are not confined to a programmed set of rules to follow. While robots can be quicker or more detailed oriented and do not need to stop working humans have the capacity to think of different ways to complete a task through past experiences and feelings. Robots have limitations that humans do not possess.

  • Humans Often Better

    Yes, humans are sometimes more capable than robots at completing tasks. Humans have greater capacity to think and use logic to determine the best course of action. They also have the capacity for instincts and emotions that are often required for certain tasks. They abilities of humans can not be deminished by robots and technology.

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