• But Is It For Better or For Worse

    Evolution doesn't care about what we value, it only cares about your ability to reproduce. If for what ever reason a trait we would think would be maladaptive is reproducing faster that is what will evolve. Ultimately, humans will take over their own evolution with gene therapy so we don't really have to worry about that. Although that opens up a can of worms especially in regards to tampering with mental traits.

  • Yes they are

    As scientist say, human have been evolving since the beginning -from apes- and there is no reason as to why we will stop. We are always changing. While me might not be seeing it, we are evolving. Evolving takes time, and you might see the differences if you look at a photo from a date far back

  • Yes and will always do so

    Humans have evolved quite a bit from what we know of them hundreds and hundreds of years ago. To this day we are still evolving; we're constantly learning new things and learning new ways of doing things. This all involves evolving in order to do so. We have to adapt to new life changes around us, as we adapt we evolve. Future generations do not have to adapt to the same things we do because they are born around it, however they still have to evolve to the new things around them in their generation.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes, always

    I think that they are. They have always evolved and adapted to what they needed to. I think until the end of time they will continue to adapt to what they need and how the body handles it. Use different diseases for example. The human body has become immune to some just like it has to some medicines.

  • never-ending

    Evolution does not end- it is an ongoing change to all life based on environment. Humans are drastically different than they were a 1,000 or even 100 years ago. Humans live longer and have more and more prowess at certain skills. There is no telling what the human body will look like 1,000 years from now, but it is almost guanteed not to look the same as today. Compare humans of today with skeletons found in Ancient Egypt. Anyone can see that we are still changing.

  • Evolution Never Stops

    Yes, humans are still evolving. Evolution is a continual process. We continue to evolve, but because evolution is such a slow process, it would take many generations before scientists would have accumulated enough data to document and support any evolutionary changes. Evolving would not mean that mankind would suddenly sprout scales or webbed fingers. Evolutionary traits could be subtle, such as intellectual, physical strength, longevity, etc. Humans would also continue to evolve based on changes in the earth’s climate and their environment.

  • Check the actual data

    "A consideration of the long-term consequences of current human behavior for deleterious-mutation accumulation leads to the conclusion that a substantial reduction in human fitness can be expected over the next few centuries..."

    From "Rate, molecular spectrum, and consequences of human mutation" by Michael Lynch (Professor of Evolution, Population Genetics and Genomics at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana).

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