• Why is this a question?

    Humans are the most powerful, smart creatures. They are one of the most developed species. They are on the top of the food chain. They are feared by other species who we have tamed. We are one of the few animals to use tools. It is true that other animals have killed us but really we can kill them so of course we are superior.

  • Yes, in some key aspects.

    I'm not as strong as a gorilla. Nor fast as a lion. I don't have the agility of a cat, the senses of a dog, or the mimicry capabilities of the octopus.

    Poison, venom, a tough hide, bioluminescence, and flight all escaped our evolutionary tree.

    But what we do have trumps all this, and our success has demonstrated it.

    Our species possesses cooperation, communication, and intelligence.

    I don't need to overpower a guerrilla or outrun a lion, my species can overcome them with intelligence through invention and dissemination of knowledge and tactics.

    All the benefits various animals possess we can adopt through ingenuity.

    We are not the best because of natural, raw gifts such as strength, speed, or agility. We are the best because we can create these as extensions of ourselves in incredible ways.

    When other animals can harness the world as we can, from flying with the birds to swimming with the fish, all without changing their fundamental physical make-up, they will have become our equals.

  • I'm sorry, but wow...

    Since superior means "high or higher in quality", then yes. Our cerebral cortices are the largest in size compared to our body than any other animal. Does it makes us any more important, now that's a good question. We are far more superior in terms of intelligence and accomplishments. This isn't arrogance, this is reality. Some might say, what if you fell into a lion enclosure? Who is more superior now? The fact that there are enclosures, and zoos, and gross exploitation of animals today already answers that question. Since this is the real world, we have already established our dominance and niche in the food chain. But without them we couldn't exist, as compared vice versa.

  • Yeah pretty obviously

    Well, in order to accurately have this debate we have to first define what we mean by "superior" as the outcome will be determined by that. But for the time being let us assume that "superior" means "higher in rank status or quality." With this definition, there is really no question. Humans have consistently displayed an enhanced ability to learn, problem solve, compute, rationalize, communicate, build, establish social institutions and, in general, survive. These skills are completely unparalleled by any other living thing. This places us incredibly high on the evolutionary scale and food chain, much higher than even the second highest organism.

  • Yes we are the coolest

    We are like the best obviously what is wrong with y’all ok and yes I think that we humans are way superior than other animals ok and yes they should have to have humans be more and way superior to other animals ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • We are superior

    We humans are more and way superior to other animals we have like the best species on this earth we even defeated diseases back in the past and of course we humans deserve to live longer than much other animals animals deserve to die and humans are more and way superior

  • Humans are superior to other animals

    Yes I think that humans are superior to other animals because humans are more intelligent and more smarter humans are the most powerful humans are also the number one food chain and of course humans have also discovered millions and invented things back in the past so yeah We humans Are way superior to other animals

  • Yeah we are

    Yeah we are the humans humans are the most powerful the most smart the most food chain the most jobs and of course the most money too we are way superior to other animals and of course humans are have more intelligent than other animals so yeah we humans are way superior and more superior

  • Yes what is this question

    Humans are the most powerful creatures the most smart creatures we humans are the top of the food we have more money than ever and of course we even have millions of jobs across the entire world right now So yes we humans are and should Be superior to other animals

  • Yeah they are

    Yes ok and yes I think that humans are the most powerful and the most smart ok and yes I think that We humans Are superior ok ok ok and yes ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes we humans are superior to other animals o ok

  • Yup, I'm actually arguing that humans aren't. Misanthropy, ho!

    Take a good look at all the selfish, greedy, and dumb people. Yeah, we got our skyscrapers and our guns but at the end of the day we also have hunters, creationists, 9/11 truthers, and countless other groups that have no excuse for being so incredibly misinformed. Animals are superior. Why? Because they can tear your face off and ruin your day meanwhile most of us basically nothing without our skyscrapers and iphones. Animals had a valid excuse for their lack of knowledge, stupid people don't. No, humans are not superior. If we were then we wouldn't have people like Kanye West live a life of privilege while decent people starve off in other countries. Bam, nailed it.

  • Superior at what?

    We are to the strongest, fastest or the most versatile in the animal kingdom and the only thing that separates us from the other animals is the intelligence of individuals in our species not our overall intelligence. Where would we be if people had never learned to harvest wheat and make bread? And bearing in mind that dolphins have scored in the high 50s in IQ tests despite having no formal education so the thing that has really gotten us this far is the opposable thumb

  • They have their traits and we have our's.

    Nothing in science really points to the idea that one animal's life is superior to another's. Different animals have traits that will give them an advantage in particular enviroments but their is no "super trait" which elevates the value of the creature in question. Because of this it is wrong to assume that one animal is better than another.

  • Nope nope nope

    Your premise is already wrong, your question is wrong, no such thing as "other" animals, it's either animals or not, cut out the "other" from the phrase "animals", that's darwinistic whining against people who really know themselves that animals has nothing to do with them, just get over with. Animals are not in the same category, the question should be, are humans superior to animals? And the answer is NO.

  • Maybe and probably not

    Almost all the things humans can do the things that they can do now is because we need to have those skills to survive. And the animals can't do it because they don't need to use it to survive. For example, goats can't walk on two legs because it isn't needed for survival. Humans can't run really fast because they do not need to catch anything with speed when they are so smarter than almost all the animals. But humans try to be greedy when they already made airplanes so that they can soar through the sky and they made cars so that they don't have to run or get tired that much and also, I think it's sort of humankind's fault. I mean, think about it, because of humans global warming has started and animals adapt to the change our kind made. So, if we were going to be jealous, why do all the things in the first place?

  • Nope, not at all

    The obvious, but plausible answer comes instinctively, but on rational terms, it's wrong. The standard in which we judge animals is very biased. Most people would claim this because we judge animals by our own standards. First off, if you claim that animals have no_____that humans have, then you can not say humans are superior because of that reason, you cannot compare something to another thing that does not exist. You cannot compare humanity's best trait with something that animals lack or don't need and consider it supremacy. Second, people think that humans are superior because of our accomplishments. But didn't achieving more lead to more nuclear bombing, more massacres, more wars, more abuse, more injuries, and more deaths? In reality, our accomplishments are only big to us, because they matter to only us. My budgies don't give a damn about some space shuttle sent into space. I don't think that my Betta fish even care than new technology is being made around to world. We tend to think that humans are superior because our creations are more 'fancy'.
    End of discussion.

  • Animals are just like us

    Animals feel emotion, think, take care of their young, and provide for their selves or other members. Without the use of animals humans wouldn't be where we are today, animals like horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, etc. etc. but because they don't speak our language or have thumbs that work so we treat them like they are underlings? Animals bring more comfort to humans than other humans they have brought more joy to people than some of the people I know today, just because they don't function like we do does not mean we are better than them. Look at wolves they live in groups of 22 and are more family like than humans are to their families and they each have jobs for their pack and still take care of the young, dolphins do this too. So I think animals are on our level

  • Completely philosophical argument

    There is no true answer to this question because it has so much base in philosophical ideas.

    Looking at this strictly from a predator/prey scenario, we are clearly superior as we have, in a time-frame of life on earth, VERY RAPIDLY populated and taken up the entirety of the globe. Our species like no other has consumed and spread to the entirety of the planet due to our technological advancements.

    However we are the only species who has successfully killed millions and millions upon millions of our own kind. We are the only species that deliberately kills others of our species for no true gain other than attrition. Other animals typically do this for biological mating reasons or for territorial/mating reasons. Humans seem to kill indiscriminately and with no purpose at all. Additionally we have the ability to consume, destroy, and devastate like no other species. We will be the ones to destroy our own species, and many others. In the time frame of Earth, we are only a dot and it will continue to live on. But humans will exterminate themselves because they are so careless.

    So as I said no real answer, but if I had to give one it would be no because the majority are selfish, mindless, and inconsiderate of other life.

  • Are we far more intelligent than others?

    So intelligent that we fight wars against each other and kill millions of our own species? So intelligent that we destroy our own planet? So intelligent that we let leading factories in the 20th century to make the lead levels in our blood 625 times higher? We are outmatched by animals in any aspect of their life, yet we are so powerful because we are average in EVERY ONE of these categories

  • Just Because We Want to Believe it Doesn't Make it True

    People want to believe that we are somehow better all other living things. That makes it so much easier to justify killing and eating them and destroying their homes. It's been scientifically proving that many animals have things that make them at least as smart as us. Dolphins have a language that are much more complicate then any we have (and they're also have only one). Some have relationships with partners that last for their entire lives so they obviously have the same capability for feeling. They're also smart enough to not destroy their homes unlike us.

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