Are humans the cause for extinction of other species?

  • No because of Jesus Christ

    Made things the way they are supposed to be and if he wants animals to become extinct then so be it. It is just God's will and he wants life to go as it is, except with no sins. Pollution is not a sin, Jesus made pollution so we just control it as best as we can.

  • Yes they are

    Humans extinction for species Humans deforestation.Dump garbage to the river .Due to that animals cant live.Air pollution and environmental pollution are main cause for this.Human beings like us do not clear any thing and save the environment.Do not dump garbages to rivers save forests and clear the unwanted properties.And keep clean the environment. Thanks

  • Humans extinction for species

    Humans deforestation.Dump garbage to the river .Due to that animals cant live.Air pollution and environmental pollution are main cause for this.Human beings like us do not clear any thing and save the environment.Do not dump garbages to rivers save forests and clear the unwanted properties.And keep clean the environment. Thanks

  • Don't become the cause

    Although earth will extinct at a some extent of time we must reserve
    the ecosystem till the end .It is not like that ,that we should allow to
    kill them as the sun's supernova will destroy the habitat on earth , be
    sympathetic to animals as they also are inhabitants of earth they also
    feel the same pain as we do when we get hurt so protect animals as
    much as we can don't become the cause of their extinction

  • We need to stop people from ruining animals habitats

    We need to stop humans from ruining animals homes and those people who cut down animals homes don't even think of what could happen to those animals they just ruin animals habitats every single day and every second. The world is losing 137 animals a day. I think that people should never destroy animals habitats.

  • Yes we do...

    We do because hasn't anyone seen how we all treat animals? The way we use chicks for mc nuggets the way we use dogs,cats, furry animals for their precious fur? We kill every single one of them and its hurting the ecosystems. We are harming animals without even thinking. This is sick the people who voted no are sadly mistaken, animals are suppose to take out each other, no one told us to get in the middle of it and take animals for the food or fur. We use animals for experiments, they seperate pig moms from there childs and kill them, also the way they treat cows, they put tabacco near their noses to stay awake and keep moving to the slaughter houses, everyone is so blind. Just stop and think about it for a minute, not one person is helping make a change

  • This requires debate at all? And 50% split ?!

    Someone on the other side claimed "...If there's one animal left on earth, and a poor man with kids starving, we gotta eat".

    Just give me one example in recently decades human had to resort to consuming the very last of a species to survive? For God's sake just take a look how many surplus food end up in the landfills each year because we have too much. Starvation is a political/man-made problem, it is by no means unsolvable.

    Nowadays its all about money.
    You kill off species that are threats to your livestocks / plants.
    You kill them off because lots of people are willing to pay you with loads of cash for it.

    Facts are facts.
    Don't twist it around to make it looks innocent or out of necessity.

  • Humans pollute , over hunt, and destroy habitats

    Humans cause animal extinction by over hunting, polluting , destroying habitats. They do not even think about the animals ,they just go on and do it without even thinking about the animals. They need to think before they do things. They just pollute without thinking of anything but them selves

  • Human population is increasing

    To support large population land has to be taken over for living and cultivation. To bring more land under cultivation forests have to be cleared when forests are cleared animals are deprived of their habitats. They go to human settlement to search for food where most animals are killed because of fear.

  • We are killing innocent animals for nothing they've done to us

    First of all animals are not harmful,
    People use deforestation to harm them just because they want to earn more money and agriculture purposes! Hello global warming is caused by us what happen in the 1950's where we were using tusks of elephants to make white piano keys? Even though now it's banned people are still killing it for their valuable things on them. There teeth and tusk. We should preserve animals in the forest, deserts, all biomes for future generations like the world wonders!!!!!!! They're important and remember we are also animals so it's not NECESSARY TO KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No, natural selection is.

    I'm posting in the NO column because people have this insanely egotistical notion that these extinctions would not take place if we did something different. This planet was once totally inhospitable and it is a known and accepted scientific fact that it will eventually die as a whole when our sun goes supernova. Populating Mars will not save us. And every day possible havens in the universe are zipping farther away at astronomical rates, making it exponentially more impossible to reach them. EVERY species on planet Earth is DESTINED to ultimately become extinct including HUMANS. 99% already have without any cause from us. I fully expect that 99% of the current living species SHOULD and MUST become extinct at some time well before the planet's ultimate demise with or without us. NEW and BETTER species will arise and they will in turn become extinct as well. And well before the Supernova the Earth's core will cool enough to cause the loss of it's magnetic field. This will cause the loss of our atmosphere which will destroy EVERY living thing on Earth unless we can manage save ourselves and any species that are necessary for our perpetuation. This of course assumes that we CAN cope with the loss of the atmosphere in 'artificial' habitats, and survive long enough to evolve into species that can withstand Solar bombardment or mitigate it with artificial magnetic force fields. And Jupiter insures that is a near certainty that without Human intervention meteoric impacts will cause a great many extinctions that we are already preparing to prevent. In effect we may be he ONLY HOPE for the select species that we are ABLE to SAVE. For a while a least...

  • We are not the primary cause of extinction!

    Fact-Household cats are linked to the ACTUAL extinction of over 30 species on islands (Nature article). Because of the nature of the animal, feline, and the fact they are nocturnal, the best available information are estimates. It is thus estimated, household cats kill approximately 2.55BB birds per year and 13.9 BB mammals per year. Just so we are clear, the BB stands for Billion! OH, this is information related to just the United States ecology! So, the top threat to any particular species going extinct is not humans, it is cats.

    Please stop with the Anonymous postings, and please reference something that can be verified.

  • Humans have as much right to the earth as other animals, but they are not the only cause of extinction, as there are other natural forces at work.

    While humans have definitely brought about the extinction of some animal species, due to hunting or encroachment on natural habitat, they are not the only cause. Despite popular belief, there are still natural forces at work in this world that are much more powerful than even the entirety of the human population. The world has seen the extinction of literally millions of species, and humans have caused only a very small percentage of those extinctions. And most of those were only due to partial responsibility.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No with a capitol N

    We are the cause of some of the species to go away, like the dodo bird, but not by a long shot. Of course some dummies support animal cruelty, but normal people. We all love are little dog Gracey, or our cat Bobby, and some of us support animal shelters. We create natural, untouched, reserves for our animals we harmed too far, and help them. Think about the whale, hunted. Now think of Whale watchers. Why when we buy a burger king kid's meal for our kids, it says "help wildlife, environment, or education." Did we kill dinosaurs? I agree we should respect our earth and it's animals, but if there's one animal left on earth, and a poor man with kids starving, we gotta eat.

  • The wrong thoughts of UN-brain human

    Why human will responsible for the extension of nature if our opponent argue with us then they are wrong they may tell that the pollution are taking place for vehicles that we ride are exerting polluted gas but why they are not thinking that this human have developed the filtration process to control And reduce the rate of pollution they may told us that cutting trees and reducing the forest for over population but why they don't understand this population have a good think also that by using less place many people can live the common example is the flats

  • No they dont

    Ya humans used to be the cause of extinction a lot of years before but not any more. My worthy opponents may tell that there are still cases if hunting and poaching of animals, yes indeed they are true, but the people who are doing all this stuff are just a bunch of law breakers who doesn't have the rights to be called a human being. And also there are many breeding centers in zoos and wild life sanctuaries which help the animals which are in the brim of extinction by making them mate.

  • There are many wildlife centers being set up...

    As my opponents said, people do kill animals. But why don't you look at from another angle? There are more than a thousand wildlife protection centers set up in the world by the same humans who you say are responsible for extinction of other species. Killing 1 or 2 and saving 100s of them doesn't make any difference.

  • We're bringing them back

    According to National Geographic, scientists are currently working on a project of de-extinction; bringing extinct species back to life. So obviously they are doing the complete opposite of causing extinctions in this case.

    We've only been around for at most the past million years and we've only managed to considerably affect the environment in the last century. It's not like we can do much or did do much. "Species" on the other hand have been going extinct since ever. You don't need to be a genius to work out the obvious fact that the first few hundred/million/billions of species that went extinct were not the fault of humans.

  • Extinction is a natural process

    Extinction is a natural process, because humans have not been around forever to cause extinction. Like the dinosaurs, no humans were around for thousands of years after they went extinct. It was caused by a meteor hurtling towards the Earth, which then made a giant cloud of dust that blocked the sun, making it super cold and prevented plant growth, which caused the dinosaurs to starve and freeze to death.

  • Question makes no sense to begin with.

    This question makes no sense, what species? Humans surely did not wipe out the dinosaurs. And they certainly did not wipe out 99% of all ever living species. Sure humans have caused extinction of a few species but it's nothing compared to the constant natural selection occurring everywhere. Species not evolved enough for the dynamic environment will die. This question tries to make people feel guilty for something that has been happening for the passed million years. Furthermore, humans have also "created" pesticide resistant weeds and insecticide resistant mosquitoes, therefore humans have also improved several species but we don't hear about that do we?

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