• Humans do not fit in the scheme of life on Earth

    Think abut it...We are the only species among the millions that are here that need constant shelter from nature...We live in houses, work inside buildings. We are the only species that need constant skin protectives; aka clothing. Everything else is naturally suited for the planet. We are the only species that get sick from viruses and germs. We are the foreigners to Earth.

  • Humans are the real aliens

    Remember the scene from War of the Worlds where an alien race comes to earth and sucks up and consumes all the animals, now reflect on the last time you were in the supermarket with all the people buying up conveniently packaged meat grown and slaughtered in factories. Then picture all the destruction and pollution caused by humans and human development, growing exponentially...A bit like cancer in the body. We humans are a cold, ruthless animal hell bent at our own self satisfaction forsaking all other life forms...If thats not alien in an environment so perfectly in balance then I don't know what is.

  • Yes, i think we were the aliens

    We all have a longing that there is something else out there, the type of sadness when your missing family that you haven't seen in a while. Maybe that us missing our family that is not on this planet. We cant agree on who we are and how we got here, no one knows. Maybe we were sent out in space and we were the meteors who killed the dinosaurs. The Christians believe we have only been here for a few thousand years, maybe that's true. We evolved more than any other animal on this planet and we treat it like crap. We treat it like spoiled brats who are given everything, we are the guest who comes over and dirties dishes and leaves a mess behind for others to clean up.. Maybe that's the reason we are so selfish and don't appreciate what we have

  • We are the aliens

    If you really think about it, i'm sure there are other planet's out there that are living. But if you think about it we do not fit in with any animal or anything at all, we need clothes we need everything music ex for us to honestly live..We do everything with technologically that was really never supposted to be on this planet power cars, we kill animals 24/7 not for food but for rugs? Image the pigs ex what they think of us? We are the true aliens we even manged to destroy the planet...

  • Humans are aliens

    It would make sense because our intelligence is so far ahead of any other species, and we dont really fit in any climate without A/C or clothes. And just putting it out there, what if the "meteor" that killed all the astroids contained like DNA of human beings which made cavemen and so on so forth. I think thats kind of interesting.

  • We will be the race to invade other planets

    TV suggests that aliens from outer space will invade us. I think that is backwards, there's probably life outside of the earth, and as soon as our technology evolves we will go searching for it, our resources will deplete and our survival will depend on it. Only alternative is intervention from god via the apocalypse in which case our race will return home, (heaven) probably in outer space somewhere we not know yet.

  • We are the aliens

    What do supposedly aliens do? Take over! Everything on planet earth seems to belong here but us! I'm willing to bet that if animals could communicate with us they would surely tell us the truth. How can we be the only species with our level of intelligence? How come every other animal is suited for the weather of earth? Were not!

  • We are hybrids

    Maybe the extra bit we have compared to other species is alien intervention. Is it possible that our soul, the part of us that is energy and light is the alien part?
    I dont think we have been told the truth and its therefore all guesswork but how can we be the only planet with life? Its more bizarre than the existence of aliens.

  • Even the Bible says humans are aliens"Adam was thrown from heaven"

    Even the Bible says humans are aliens"Adam was thrown from heaven to the earth",so basically Adam din't belonged here and so we all as sons and daughters of Adam are alien as we all came from a different Planet called "Heaven" so whts new in it !! We don't fit in here....Accept it !!

  • WE Are The Aliens

    I believe we are Aliens because of the many variety of people and species we have on this planet. I think that there were many types of Alien species that played a role in manipulating our DNA with theirs, hence causing us to have alien genes and ancestors. That's 1 theory. The other is we have been brought here many years ago from other planets for purposes of mining and creating and sustaining life (sort of the creation theory) but have been manipulated into thinking otherwise. It would explain why some people are perfect angels and others can be so horrific. I don't think a persons environment determines who they will be, I think it depends on our DNA makeup and our brain (consciousness). The two have a connection and I believe the DNA is an antenna that connects us with the world we are from (not this one). Through meditation it can be accessible. Just my Theories. :)

  • It's possible we could be,

    I suppose it's possible that humans could be the real aliens. However, anything that comes to our planet will be the foreign thing and it will be the "real" alien. If we venture to some far off planet, then perhaps we would be the "real" alien in that scenario. I think this depends on what the circumstances are.

  • No himans are not the real aliens

    No, humans are not the real aliens. I think that there are real aliens that exist out there, and will one day make a visit to earth and reveal themselves. Human beings are the original creations, and aliens that exist out there in the universe are secondary creations only after human beings.

  • I don't believe it

    If we were the real aliens why did we have meat...And blood...According to science aliens are made from some different material and all those Hollywood animations aren't the real aliens....If aliens even exist they'd probably disguise themselves up like humans...Just think about it you've been to a hospital loads of times...If there was any sign of aliens the staff would've reported and the investigation and stuff...But no...Aliens do not exist it's the only thinking of humans and a mind belief that there are some creatures "WHO WOULD ACTUALLY COME IN UFO'S SEARCHING FOR HUMAN BODIES..." lol A big LOL to tht thinking of people...Anyways aliens do not exist if you don't believe it....Then what are waiting for go and start researching on it......

  • Nooo nooo nooo

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  • They are already here.

    They have been put in with the population and you would not no that they are already here living with us all. Maybe watch what is going on round the globe and maybe learning more from us by blending in to human life ways and also plan something for humans in the end.

  • We ARE of the earth.

    There is no evidence whatsoever to support these ludicrous claims of alien intervention on our genes or any of that stuff. The only logical conclusion we can arrive at is that we evolved here on this planet. Sure, it is "possible" but it is an extreme leap of the imagination with absolutley no credible evidence. The reason we stick out like a sore thumb is because we erradicated or mated with all other hominids that resembled us, end of story. If neanderthals and homo habilis etc were still around we would clearly see our place on this earth. We are not vastly unique in our design or intelligence. There is a clear path of ascension to our current state. Yet there is absolutely no evidence to support claims that we are aliens or that aliens intervened with our genome. It is a total fallacy. Humans have a great ability to put themselves on a pedastool and you people voting that we are aliens are a great example of that. "we are so special etc." is bogus. We eat breathe and sleep in unison with the earth. Our chronic illness is due to our infatuation with cheese-its and frozen dinners and this delusional beleif that eating a pound of meat a day will make you strong and healthy. We sit on our butts all day and wonder why we arent healthy, the only conclusion is that we are aliens? Really? What are we children? We have been brainwashed to seperate ourselves from nature and this planet. We choose a movie over a walk in the forest. It has been shown that trees have a specific vibration that promotes relaxation in humans. We simply ARE fit for the food, the water and the air on this planet. We have simply lost our way. Our culture may be "alien" but our bodys are certainly not.

  • We ar not aliens

    While we are not totally of t his planet we are not aliens either. We are hybrids of creatures found on Earth millions of years ago and alien life forms. The aliens came here and mixed their DNA with an ape like creature resulting in the various forms of man that we know about and some we don't know about. With refining etc. modern humans emerged from their experiments. When they return, soon, we will know more of their true intent beyond mere experimentation. Personally I don't believe it will be good for humans. In short think of humans as lab rats and ETs as the lab workers.

  • Not at all

    Genetically, we share around 97% of our DNA with chimpanzees, and high 90s with all other apes. You can look at our chromosomes and see that they are near identical with the exception of two of ours being fused. Not only apes, but all mammals share alot of common DNA. So the argument for us being not from this world is ridiculous. Secondly, nothing humans have is unique to us other then our ability to pass down information. Dolphins and birds have similar speech capacities, monkeys have similar dexterity, and there are plenty intelligent animals.

    The second proposed "theory" is that we were manipulated by aliens in a way that caused us to rapidly evolve. Of course that begs the question, why? What possible purpose would aliens have for doing this? If they needed resources and had the capability of trans versing entire galaxies, then im pretty sure they wouldn't need us to gather them for them. Are they just trolls? Makes no damn sense at all.

    As far as us being poorly evolved for this world, there are plenty of animals that have weird evolutionary quirks. For one some animals die after they find a mate, which doesn't seem beneficial at all. Look at sloths as an example of an animal that isn't on the cutting-edge of evolution. It lives by being slow, with no danger of extinction, while tigers who are ferocious beasts are nearing it. Evolution doesn't have a rhyme or reason, if you can survive with what you've got that that's that. You don't need fur/claws, you only need to survive long enough to reproduce and you've done your job.

    If 80% of people believe we're aliens then I think maybe human beings aren't as smart as you have lead yourself to believe.


    We are all different and we're not green. We have feelings and some of us have clothes. Most of all we work and get education. Ailens are nothing like us. We may sound weird to them but if a english person talks to a spainsh person THEY WILL SOUND DIFFERENT!!!! THAT IS WHY WE ARE NOT AILENS.


  • No evidence whatsoever

    Just wrong. There are loads of animals that are more qualified to be "aliens" than us. Think of the axolotl, the salamander. They don't have fur, or claws. Neither do whales, or most aquatic and amphibian animals. This idea makes no sense. Why was this even proposed in the first place?

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Anonymous says2013-05-10T08:25:44.280
Of course it's possible that humans could be aliens from some other part of the universe. If you can believe in God you can believe in anything.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-07T21:21:39.127
As the dominant species of this planet, and because we are the only sentient species on this planet that I know of, we have a right to do as we please with the Planet Earth.