• Inequitable opportunity in education produces need for religion.

    Religion was created to displace the need for education unavailable to the masses to control their actions, by thinking for them.
    Equal access to education, and humans reduce the need for religious governance.....Can think, and govern themselves. Education serves humanity much better than religion for human interaction, survival, and human prosperity.

  • Humans need not be intelligent or unintelligent for religion.

    Religion has nothing to do with how smart you are. We do not practice religion like we would some college class. It's there as a passageway into discovering your spirituality and your connection with God. It requires faith, and with faith, your beliefs (whether Christianity, Buddhism, Islam) are verified. If you think religion is merely an idea created by a group of misled people, you are wrong. It is a RELATIONSHIP, a relationship with God that you forge and strengthen every time you grasp at your faith.

  • Well yeah duhh

    In my opinion. Religion is guidance for people how cant think for themselves and has been for thousands of years. The human race is becoming more and more smarter each day and finding so much evidence contradicting what the bible teaches. I think its ridiculous how long this has gone on for.

  • Yes science and fact completely contradict religion

    Muppet Munchkin why do people need to believe in something where did u pull that fact from I don't believe in anything super natural and live a happy prosperous life in the knowledge that science has provided...Science disproves religion through its findings (except the where we came from question but science is working on that one). I have nothing against religion but we are to intelligent to really believe these old books to be fact (word of god)

  • Humans too intelligent for religion.

    Yes, the humans too intelligent for religion.I think you can be intelligent, well educated and be religious and there are many examples including a load of bishops as well as laiety.
    I think its a perfectly reasonable position. Speaking as an atheist, I think you have to seperate (1) belief in God, and (2) belief in Christianity (or other man-made religion).
    I have come to the conclusion that some people are almost psychologically pre-disposed to believe in God. Once they are believers, they don't seem to apply rational thought to the question in the same way as atheists do. The non-believers may be pre-disposed to their view also, but they always look at the question applying rational thought. Nevertheless, you do find intelligent people in both camps.
    As for Christianity, it and all other man-made religions of the sky-fairy, holy book variety are self-evidently balderdash, and there is simply no excuse for any intelligent person in this day and age to believe in them.

  • Irony

    Religion is Group think, in that your being told what to believe, how to believe, what is truth and what is not. Most religions do not have logical explanations for decisions that were made, or things that the bible claims that has happened. How are people in these so called different religions able to be individual thinkers, and think logically?

  • It depends really.

    Religion was created in a time that little science was known. They used to think that the sun revolved around the earth because it was an easy explanation for why the sun rises and sets. It was believed without question until Galileo proved it to be false. Eventually science will develop enough to disprove most of the "proof" in the bible. So currently, no, humans aren't too intelligent for religion, but I believe that eventually they will be.

  • No, We Aren't

    First of all, even if religion were detrimental to society, we haven't even outgrown crime. If anything, the crime problem is going worse. Our advanced technology and our good educations will not solve the problem of human nature, unless what it means to be human is altered through new, extremely advanced technology.

    That being said, we need religion. It's not just to enforce order, because that can probably be done without religion. However, if God is real then the direction towards perfection and salvation is towards God.

  • If we were, would we have it?

    If humans were too intelligent for religion, we wouldn't have it. That is the very simple answer to this question. There is nothing intelligent or logical about the belief in an invisible sky genie who supposedly created you in his likeness, just so it could get its jollies watching your every move in order to punish you if you screwed up. Yet despite this clear lapse in logic, people persist in believing.

  • Religion does not have to do with intellect

    Religion is about faith. Faith can not possibly be obtained through the mind, but through the soul. How is it even possible that imagine how the world was made? Was it made out of nothing? How is everything made out of nothing? That can not be figured out, not matter how hard us humans try.

  • Humans are not too intelligent for religion

    The majority of people who belong to a religious organization never research or even question what they are being told. They will not take the time to understand for themselves, but instead they will go around spreading information based on what someone told them. I think it shows intelligence when you begin to question why instead of following like mindless sheep.

  • Loaded question

    The question presupposes that religion is for the unintelligent. Many will attempt to argue this by pointing to specific religious individuals or organizations and broad brushing all religious individuals by it.

    The real issue is that most people are not smart enough for honest religion. Where people can freely explore religious and spiritual concepts to help them find both who they are and inner peace.

  • Most humans aren't intelligent enough...

    Religion is Group think, in that your being told what to believe, how to believe, what is truth and what is not. Most religions do no have logical explanations for decisions that were made, or things that the bible claims that has happened. How are people in these so called different religions able to be individual thinkers, and think logically? So, No, there are not intelligent enough...

  • Uhhh NO

    It isn't ABOUT how inteligent you are, or how intelligent the whole of humanity is, but people still need somthing to believe in, and if that's not god or any religion, it has to be something else. What is this topic even here for anyways ?

    Some people learn so much from religion, so clearly we cant be so "all-knowing" afterall

  • No

    Some things in religion are unexplainable and not come up with a logical explanation. Example- In the Christian bible it says that moses seperated the ocean so the egyptians could cross, us as humans could not think of a reasonable explanation for that or how it was brought up, maybe it really did happen, maybe it was just a exagerration.

  • Some things can not be understood

    We can all admit that we cannot know everything about this world, nevermind the universe. However, as the race we are, we need explanations, and turn to religion. Religion has nothing to do with knowledge, and in fact elwe can definetly learn valuable life lessons from books like the bible. Believing that death is just death, that there is no aftetlife, is scary to most people, fear has nothing to do with knowledge. So, religion provides a saftey net for many people. People learn valuable things and become better people from.religion, whats wrong with that?

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