• Bad for environment and wallet. . . . Marketing lies designed to fool eco- conscious consumers.

    Battery manufacturing carbon footprint is larger than burning conventional fossil fuels as well as creating toxic lithium battery waste which is hard to recycle. Battery packs fail within a few years of service costing thousands of dollars to replace which offsets the fuel savings which is "one of the selling points" of hybrid cars.

  • Most of the "gas savings" come from using hypermiling techniques and have little to do with the hybrid powertrain.

    I haven't had a hybrid for a very long time, but I can postulate this: if you drive it like you normally would a non-hybrid car of comparable size, your mpg would be only about 10% better, if that. It could be even worse if you drive in non-urban environment.

    Also, a few years ago I experimented with an open-bed, naturally aspirated 3.5L F-150 (normally 22 mpg or so in mixed cycle) on a 176 mi return trip and ended up with 26.4 mpg, with regular Sheets gasoline. The route was 1/3 interstate (65-70 mph), 1/3 country roads (45-55 mph) and 1/3 city-ish traffic. Just careful, prudent driving - keeping a couple of miles below the speed limit, avoiding sudden acceleration, etc. I didn't even bother to pump the tires 10 psi above the manual recommendation.

  • Not quite a "hoax", but clearly not a general purpose automobile. Great in urban traffic, but largely unsuitable for interstate and rural driving.

    I have only had a hybrid for a couple of weeks, but I have already figured out that "the rumors of the conventional car demise have been greatly exaggerated".

    For starters, despite the 60-70 mpg claims on hybrid forums the real life fuel economy in a mixed driving cycle is only 10-20% better (if at all) than you'd have with a conventional car of the same size.

    I'd argue that if you drive a well-taken-care of gasoline subcompact carefully, that is avoiding rapid acceleration, going below 65 mph, coasting to a stop when possible and keeping the engine rpm in the "sweet spot" for torque/power output,, you'd get to the same 45 mpg.

  • I would say they are lying to us.

    There are alot of cars out there that get great gas mileage and don't pollute the air. Science and physics are real, just not hybrids. Open your eyes and use common sense. I takes a lot of money to fix these cars when they break down. Not worth the trouble.

  • Recycling Hybrid Batteries???

    I have owned efficient vehicles in the past (civic hx, geo metro, corolla, prius) and guess which car got the best mileage??? That's right the metro! My 2009 prius averaged 43, my civic hx averaged 38, the corolla averaged 42, and my metro averaged 60mpg! So yes they are a hoax. The only reason we have hybrids is because us Americans are "too good" for some crappy metro. If you really wanted to save the environment drive your car five hundred thousand miles. Most people don't realize just how many gallons of diesel fuel are used by the mining industry to make those wonderful batteries. Not a single car manufacturer uses recycled batteries... So that means that your wonderful hybrid makes a bigger carbon footprint just in manufacturing the battery than a hummer H2 driven 100K miles! I have a jeep Cherokee that has been driven 400K miles. Bad gas mileage? Yes, but I saved the earth from all the diesel used to mine the steel, and all the coal fired electricity to manufacture the car (yes they still use coal back east you dummies).

  • My Diesel Mercedes is Far More Efficient!

    I own a 2011 Mercedes Bluetec which achieves far greater full economy than any hybrid vehicle. And, thanks to new technology, burns cleaner on average as well. Clean diesel technology is the future, "Hybrids" are simply a passing fad, which will load our landfills with their dead batteries when they pass...Thus erasing ANY lightening of their environmental footprint!

  • If they exist, they are not a hoax.

    Hybrid cars save on gas. If you are a person who drives a lot, then it will pay for itself.

    As for the batteries, they can be recycled into new batteries, continuing the cycle.

    All-gas cars burn more fuel than hybrids, while all-electric cars need to be charged and charging ports are not readily available. Hybrids are the way to go.

  • No, though they're not as good as they sound yet.

    They're on mass market, people buy them, companies sell them. You can argue many angles, but not that they're a true hoax. However, it is important to keep in mind that the electricity they use doesn't come from nowhere- we're making strides in the right direction, but coal and natural gas use is still the main source of electricity in the United States. Even with that in mind though, as the source of our power shifts, so will the source of power for hybrid and electric cars, so while they might not be all that great now, they can be in the future even if they don't notably change in that time.

  • They are a nudge in the right direction.

    Hybrid cars are nothing short of innovation. To say they are a hoax is foolish. Simply looking under the hood of a hybrid you will find many technological advancements that increase efficiency and maintain low emissions. Hybrids are separated in classes of how efficient they run. The Prius, for example, is a full hybrid vehicle. It uses kinetic energy from its break pads to recycle energy back to the car, it uses a small only when aggressive driving patterns must be used, and the aerodynamics behind the vehicle is proven to provide a streamline airflow with minimum drag. This is not a hoax, science and physics are very real.

  • No.

    Hybrid cars do, in fact save on fuel, but are more susceptible to problems with the electrical. Early models especially. Recent hybrid models can provide up to double the miles per gallon rate in cars. They are not a hoax at all, and help people save money on gas. A great investment.

  • Hybrid Cars are Useful

    Hybrid cars are not a hoax. Hybrid cars use less gas than regular cars and they are better for the environment. Many cities use hybrid bus systems to save on gasoline and lower fuel emissions that our polluting our environment and contributing to global warming. Because hybrid cars utilize both gas and electric power they are able to drive at regular speeds and lower pollution. This combination makes hybrid cars preferable and certainly not a hoax.

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