• A tasty treat.

    Yes, IHOP's pancakes are delicious, because they have just the right combination of flavor. They are also served in stacks which make them better. IHOP does a great job with their food and with their whole dining experience. We have all had good times at IHOP late at night, or after prom.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe IHOP's pancakes are delicious, especially with their variety of topics. However, pancakes are pancakes and I can easily recreate any IHOP pancake dish at home for a fraction of the cost. I generally do not go to IHOP for this reason. I can't afford to waste money on pancakes.

  • IHOP's pancakes are delicious.

    IHOP's pancakes are delicious. All of their food is pretty good but if you are new to going there, you have to try their pancakes. It is like going to the Cheesecake Factory and not trying their cheesecake which I have seen some people do. I think the pancakes are the best around.

  • IHOP's pancakes are barely edible.

    IHOP's pancakes are very hard for even the most hardened diner-goer to stomach. They don't use very good ingredients, which is part of the problem if we expect to be served good food. Many restaurants are now using whole grains and organic flour in their recipes, and IHOP doesn't provide any of these delicious alternatives.

  • Horrid and bad for you

    They are stodgy and only get flavour from the syrup you have to drown them in to force them down. They have no real food value, but are just full of empty calories. You can recognize people who eat them regularly by the way they waddle and by their gargantuan butts.

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