• Yes they are.

    Immigrants need to form unions to gain rights. Without forming a union, it's impossible for the immigrants to be treated fairly. These unions can help immigrants be looked at in a more positive light, rather than the negative one that they are currently being looked at. Therefore, I think they are needed.

  • Yes, immigrant unions are necessary in the United States.

    There is not enough protection for immigrants in the United States and many Americans are incredibly bigoted towards immigrants, so the more support immigrants have the better. Unions are a great way to provide that support and protection, particularly because they generally have legal representation that an average immigrant probably wouldn't have.

  • Absolutely not, and wrong debate.

    The problem is our two party political system; Democrats know that by allowing third world countries in Latin America to dump their poorest and uneducated that they will undoubtedly gain power while some Republicans at the urging of the Chamber of Commerce and others want to keep the supply of cheap labor going all despite opposition by two-thirds of the country to it. So politicians are destroying our national sovereignty; so while we have this massive failure, indeed intentional failure to stop this invasion which is openly facilitated by the Mexican government, rather than following the law our politicians have actually sought to bypass the will of the people and the law for the good of a few narrow but powerful political interests, the interests of people that have entered our country illegally, and without regard for the destructive consequences. The notion of further allowing these people who have already broken the law and violated the sovereignty of the United States by allowing them to form a labor cartel is just another way of lining the pockets the political campaigns of the people that created this disaster. It's time we act like men and women, as citizens, and throw off the shackles of political correctness and quit being intimidated before we become the generation held responsible for the downfall of a once great nation.

  • Total confusion, here.

    If there are immigrant unions then what is the American Taxpayer except for food for they. Are there possible enough American Taxpayers to feed the world from their own bounty? What is this place except prey for the purveyors of an overpopulated world? We are not your bread and butter non Americans. Stay with some resolve and make your own country better, not ours weaker, cowards.
    Good luck with making the world better fools.

  • Immigrant Unions are Unnecessary

    Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter the U.S., let alone be allowed to start unions. They are breaking the law and deserve none of the rights of legitimate immigrants and citizens. This is almost like forming a drug dealers unions in that a bunch of people breaking the law are combining to get legal protections.

  • Immigrant unions are ridiculous

    When people come to America they have dreams to accomplished. Over the past 200 years the idea of working hard and finding your way in life has been the ideal accomplishment when immigrants come to America. Perhaps that is why the thought of immigrant unions are so ridiculous. People don't need to be told what to do when they arrive in America as their dreams is what drives them. Let the unions deal with workers and allow the immigrants to do their best following their dreams.

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