• Yes, they are a huge waste of money.

    If the president wants a party to celebrate getting elected, then he should go ahead and throw himself one, at his own expense. There is no reason the taxpayers, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet, should foot the bill for an extravagant party for some of our nation's wealthiest citizens.

  • Yes, they are

    Millions and millions of dollars are wasted on this unnecessary extravagance. It is simply a vanity affair. However, they won't stop being held though. The government blows a lot of money on events such as this and will continue to do so. Those whose voting interests are in favor of the Party in power will continue to tend to support the inauguration with all its expenses.

  • Yes, our debt is too great for lavish spending

    Inaugural balls are a nice, formal tradition that goes back a long time. In this day and age of fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings however, we should be focused on cutting excessive spending like this. Maybe when the politicians fix the economy they can get their balls and galas back.

  • Inaugural Balls Are a Waste of Money

    When considering the cost of an inaugural ball, I have to conclude that they are a terrible waste of money. I see no harm in holding such an event however, with each event of this sort the expenses seem to increase over time. I believe that one could continue with the inaugural balls while keeping the cost to a minimum.

  • No.

    This country deserves an extravagant ball to celebrate electing a new president. Not every country gets to say that they elected a leader they felt could lead their country so let us celebrate and have our once-every-four-years ball in honor of the freedoms we have. However, with the state that our economy is in, we should probably think about scaling them back a little.

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