• Big Business or your lively hood?

    As Americans, We all can agree that we like money, But not everyone has the same opportunity as the top 1%. Allowing these billionaires/millionaires to pay ridiculously low taxes, Takes away from the middle class who work just as hard as the top 1% and gets paid at prices which only allows them to barely get by. That is not fair, The middle class is what keeps America running. I'm just saying they should be treated more fairly and all of the top guns should help America's middle class by paying more taxes at least.

  • We already know that higher taxes are good, on the local level.

    If you look at the best school districts within your state, you'll notice that they pay higher taxes. They also tend to have nicer roadways, etc. This doesn't come from nothing; it comes from the taxes that people are paying to live in those areas. This demonstrates the power of taxes to actually improve where you live. Yes, the taxes need to be spent on the right things, but if taxes are too low, even spending on the right things isn't enough --- there isn't enough money to fund what is needed.

  • Your social services don't run for free

    Taxes pay for much of the services you've come to expect, living in a first world, industrialized country. Your lights, your water, your hot water, your healthcare, your kids' schooling, all run because we pay taxes. If we all payed $1000 more in taxes, we'd be in the green as a nation.

    By the way, illegal immigrants use social services in a much smaller capacity because they're scared of being found out and deported.

  • You Get What You Pay For

    Very few people enjoy paying their taxes, but the benefits that come to us from properly funded government programs far outweigh the pain of paying taxes. Without higher taxes, we may lose many valuable programs that have helped make this such a great country. Good government doesn't come cheaply, and it is time for us to pay the bill.

  • Tax the rich more

    As trite as it sounds, the rich don't pay enough in taxes. They did fine during the Clinton era, yet for some reason putting taxes back to that modest level is somehow a horrible thing. Instead, the super wealthy not only want their Bush tax cuts, but they also want to slash capital gains tax so they are paying a lower percentage of their income than their employees.

  • Not legal

    No it is not right beacuse there is not one single law stating that you have to pay federal taxes its all a scam most of your taxes just go to paying off the intrest to the federal reserve, i dont think its right that the average american works 3 months of the year for the government and they dont even get a say in where its going.

  • Taxation Reduces Economic Well-being

    Much gov't spending is wasteful. It may of had good intentions, but has bad effects. For example, foreign aid was meant to help the poor overseas right? They don't see it — it goes to subsidize wealthy, powerful governments overseas. Welfare creates dependency. Besides, if you want economic freedom, taking people's hard earned money away cuts this freedom to shreds, as well as reducing the investments, consumption, and saving, all of which drive the economy. We need to provide tax relief to all Americans, cut spending, and balance the budget, and make America a competitive business environment to create real broad prosperity for the middle class and everyone else.

  • It doesn't support everyday Buisness.

    They take money away from every hardworking Americans. This can help them live and have a healthy life. If we take away this money they will starve and wont help the middle class. The middle class is most od america and we need to help them in any way we can.

  • Taxes are important - yet lower tax rates are easily seen to be more beneficial to the American economy.

    As free people, Americans should own what they earn. Cutting income taxes specifically puts more money into the hands of the spending middle class. The taxes on the local and state level goods and services that they pay additionally(which are lower than income taxes) will spur economic growth within communities. Furthermore, unemployment drops when taxes are cut because many Americans enter back into the workforce knowing that more of their hard-earned money is coming back into their hands.

  • No

    Things are tough enough as it is. And not only that, but it's not even like the taxes are being spent in reasonable places. Why should my hard earned money be going to someone who does not work, and is able to do so? Why should I not get to keep what I earn, just so an illegal immigrant can take advantage of our healthcare system? With the amount that we're being taxed, there is plenty of money for a superb economy. Just because the people in office don't know how to keep a budget does not mean that it justifies taking more of my money.

  • Tax Increases Hurts the Economy

    While raising taxes is a way to balance the budget, it is highly criticized by both parties because it hurt the well being of most Americans overall. Tax hikes result in less consumer spending, and less overall income made by the population. In result, the economy stalls and we become less competitive. We must stop putting the burden on innocent Americans. We MUST provide tax relief to all Americans, reduce the Deficit, balance the budget, and close tax loopholes in order to make America a competitive business partner.

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