• Indoor air pollution standards are a violation of individual rights.

    Indoor air pollution standards are a violation of individual rights. Everybody has a right to be safe and that includes being able to breath clean air. I am not sure how the individual would ever be able to prove that their rights have been violated but I am sure there is a way.

  • No, indoor air pollution standards are a matter of public health.

    No, having standards for indoor air quality is not a breach of the rights of the individual. While individual conduct is one thing, the fact that indoor spaces can affect the health of anyone who enters them or even gets near them means that there is a public interest in regulating the air quality.

  • It is situational

    When there are issues like air pollution, it is important to take note of the context pollution occurs in. If an individual home is constructed in a way that causes pollution in the homes, but it is set up that way by the owner, it should be within their rights.

  • No, Its not

    I don't want to breathe in garbage,I think the right ventilation and worker rights can be a huge bonus down the road for the morale of the people. I don't need to work in an environment that is going to be hazardous to my health and hurt me in any way or form.

  • It is public health.

    No, indoor air pollution standards are not a violation of individual rights, because indoor air pollution is a matter of public safety. A person doesn't know indoor air quality of a store when they walk into the store. The child cannot have a say if their parent has a low income and has no choice but to live where the air quality is low.

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