Are inheritance taxes calculated fairly in the United States?

  • Inheritance Taxes Messed Up

    Unfortunately, the United States calculates inheritance taxes in a way that's completely unfair for the person receiving the inheritance. Tax rates jump up high when they're considered for inheritance purposes, and too many people find this out the hard way. With that in mind, inheritance tax law needs to be changed in this country.

  • Inheritance Taxes Fair in US

    In reality, inheritance taxes are calculated fairly in the United States today. There's no way to appease everyone in this situation, but the country successfully and reasonably taxes these things. Inheritance taxes are a tricky thing to navigate, but our government makes the situation as straightforward and simple as possible.

  • Inheritance taxes are not calculated fairly in America.

    To put it shortly, inheritance taxes in America are a scam to rob more wealth from the American people. Here's a perfect, and real, example. The owner of a professional football stadium, I can't exactly remember for which team (maybe the Miami Dolphins?), left the football stadium to his family as an inheritance. This is something that would have benefited the family for many generations. However, the government's inheritance tax was so high that the family had to sell the stadium just to be able to pay the tax!! The owner had already paid a ton of real estate taxes for the property over the years of ownership! It's a scam.

  • There shouldn't be any

    There is nothing fair about inheritance taxes. The government should keep its greedy hands out of people's inheritance, period. When I die, I want my daughters to have every penny I worked so hard to earn. Many parents like me have been breaking their backs working, hoping to leave something for their children. The government should stay away.

  • Inheritance Taxes Shouldn't Exist

    I do not believe there should be any inheritance taxes in the United States, so I do not find their calculation to be fair either. I do not believe people should be penalized for saving money and that is precisely what the inheritance tax does. Inheritance money was already taxed in the past, it should not be taxed again, simply because it is changing hands.

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