• It's a form of income.

    I think that a limited amount of inheritance taxes are needed. When someone dies, that money goes to someone else. It's essentially income and/or assets that person did not previously have, and it should be taxed as such. No one who is wealthy deserves a free ride from paying taxes.

  • No, I don't understand them

    If someone earned their stuff through paying their taxes. why should another person pay more on what they already paid for. The taxes are just another way for the government to hurt the man, in this case take money that they have no right to. I think it is wrong.

  • Let the kids have it.

    No, inheritance taxes are not needed, because the person has already been taxed on the money so many times. It is something else to tax a person once they are dead. Their children should be allowed to have the money and enjoy it. They haven't done anything that warrants taxing them yet again.

  • No, They Aren't

    I do not believe inheritance taxes are needed. To me this tax simply re-taxes a large chunk of money that has probably already been taxed once. I think people should be able to inherit directly from their parents without the government or taxes being involved. I think the inheritance tax should be abolished.

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