Are instant communication platforms overshadowing the art of writing letters?

  • Writing is Beauty...

    Writing is such a beautiful aspect of our lives that I find it amazing that were throwing it out the window like we are. Writing is a practice that is slowly dissolving from society due to texting, IMing, Facebook, twitter, & Instagram (sorry social networks). And if you need proof, just ask a few experts. The answer will always be yes, instant messaging platforms ARE replacing handwriting. What's amazing about handwriting is what you can tell about a person from it. You can tell their mood, personality, style, etc. Why would we want to replace that? Writing a letter is such an artform. Besides, just that feel of holding a letter is indescribable. You can never replace that feeling. So, yes, they are replacing letters with instant messaging.

  • Of course yes

    The art of writing letters is fading day by day as we can see but we really need to preserve it and this can only be done when we abolish facebook twitter and other social networking sites .We are just forgetting the true passion of writing and that can only be gained when we really start writing ............. Again

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