• Yes, within limits.

    An insult made to another person is just that and it is a subjective definition so it needs to be protected under freedom of speech. However, when an insult turns into speech that is more than an insult to a specific person but turns into hate speech then that should not be protected.

  • Sure, as are the consequences of insulting people.

    Insults are protected as freedom of speech to a point. In our law, we also recognize that freedom includes responsibility, and the legal system also has a concept known as "fighting words". To explain, you can be free to say what you want and someone else can feel free to punch you in the nose for saying it if they feel threatened. It's much nicer to just be nice.

  • Yes they are.

    Yes, insults are protected by freedom of speech. You can call anyone anything you want without fear of harm. As long as the insult doesn't go into the territory of a threat you can say what you want without repercussion from the government. You can however be sued for slander or libel.

  • Yes,insults are protected by freedom of speech.

    Yes,insults are protected by freedom of speech.Even though they are usually very unpleasant for the recipients as well as others,insults can usually be seen as protected speech because banning insults would begin a slippery slope where all free speech would be prohibited and other rights would be in jeopardy as well.

  • Insults are not protected.

    Insults are not protected by freedom of speech. They can be construed as hate crimes and harassment and a myriad of other offenses. To be put plainly: freedom of speech does not give you the freedom to say whatever you want. You have to abide by laws even then regarding your speech.

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