Are international organizations worthless: Are international organizations and governments powerful?

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  • No, they are for show.

    No, international organizations are not powerful, because they rarely do anything. The United Nations has spent countless dollars, all in the name of progress, but they have not actually accomplished very much. The other countries would come together to fight the important wars already, without the help of the United Nations. International organizations are smoke and mirrors.

  • International Nations are more powerful than they may seem, even though they aren't in the limelight.

    Many people do not think of International organizations being as powerful, or protective, generous, or strong as they are. Organizations such as NATO may have prevented or deterred a World War by now. They support allied countries, and provide treaties for feuding enemies. Organizations such as the SPCA or PETA save animals lives every day, yet those who don't care, don't bat an eye. There is a speculation that it is all about government control, and that is far from correct. It is for providing the best planet and life possible for future generations to come.

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