• No, international stock market are not of very high importance

    The stock market is one of the various markets across the globe that play an instrumental role towards the state of the world’s economy. Though important in this global scene, this market does not fully show the state of a countries economy. As such, rather than putting much concentration on this market, specialist should focus on building their home stock markets since it reflects how the country is fairing.

  • U.S. stock markets are more important than international stock markets.

    When it comes to stock markets for a U.S. citizen, international stock markets can be quite risky. You stand the chance of; dramatic drops in market values, lack of liquidity, less information provided regarding your stocks, unlike in the United States.
    It seems a bit more risky with having stocks internationally, so I do not feel they would fit the category of being the most important out there.

  • Markets are all Equally Unreliable

    None of the markets in the modern world function in an independent manner. Due to the manipulation by multiple governments and large brokers neither international nor domestic market is driven by the decisions of the average investor. All the markets are linked by the multitudes of subsidiary corporations and investment firms that create a false appearance of autonomy, therefore none are of more importance than any other.

  • International stock markets are not the most important.

    I believe international stock markets are not the most important. We should make stock in our own country our top priority. By doing this, we are ensuring that the money is staying within our country and helping boost our economy. By boosting our economy. We will be able to invest in stocks and draw international customers to the stocks in our country as well which will produce more money for our country.

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