• Yes iPads are bad for students

    Students should not need to rely on iPads in order to get their work done. They should learn either how to type on a computer or better yet learn how to write by hand in order to do their essays. They should also have to learn to look up information in books in order to graduate school. The distractions that come from iPads takes away from students time and ability to learn with multiple distractions going on.

  • IPads can be resurch at school

    You can do all of these read,write,math,science and you can block them from many inappropriate websites with wifi connection that you make so they don't see anything bad for them to see but you can let them play game if it is in door resses.And they can even read on iBooks.

  • Ipads are smart.

    Giving students ipads is an extremely smart idea. Not only will it be better for their backs because they can place books on them and not have to carry around heavy books, it also allows them to type their notes on them instead of writing them and it also allows them to record their lectures.

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