• ipads are good fr reading ebooks

    Ipads are good for reading ebooks on for several reasons. They are a good size to read ebooks on. The light is sufficient to read them also. The number of pixels on the ipad make reading the ebooks very easy. Ipads are easy to transport and are not heavy so this is good too.

  • They go everywhere.

    Yes, iPads are good for reading eBooks on, because you can keep a lot of books on an iPad at one time. The iPads are portable, and they are easy to put in a large purse or a briefcase when you travel. Ebooks are also cheaper than purchasing paper books.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, an ipad is about the same size on an average book page, and that makes them just about perfect to sit and read a bood that you found on the web. I think that they are not as good as a kindle for reading, but they do a good job.

  • When I have tried to read on one, I have found it hard at times.

    I just miss the old days of a real book. Something where you turned an actual page, not just swipe a finger. I have found on iPads depending on where you are the screen can be hard to see. Or if you get some sort of glare or the mirror effect to where you can see reflections on the screen. I find it more annoying than anything.

  • ipads are not good for reading eBooks on.

    Ipads are not good for reading eBooks on. The ipad is designed for multi purpose computer work such as browsing the Internet, playing games, running software, etc. Although ipads can be used to read eBooks they are not the ideal machine for that purpose. Kindles are much better for reading ebooks because they are specifically designed for that purpose.

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