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  • Phones are the opposite of a sign of intelligence

    Phones are a sign of fitting in and going along with the croud. They come with the imfamous instagram that people test their popularity with the amount of followers they can cook up. They make children around the age of 10 - 14 miserable because they have to deal with the fact that they don't have the same amount of followers or that they don't have the new iphone. It also shows a sign of being spoiled when young children have them or children have an expensive one. We all know where spoiling can get a child once they are out on their own. It turns the transition into the hardest thing ever. People may say that phones show intelligence because we created them and the technology is what is intelligent. Phones keep people up at night and prevent kids from doing their homework or studying. They can turn people addicted to aps. Ever heard of flappy bird. There were two brothers that ended up stabbing each other over it. Think about all we could accomplish if there were not phones. The people that made phones most likely were thinking they were going to be rich. If we stayed with the old flip phone that just called we would be better off. We could still connect with people but at the same time we would keep one valuable social skill, talking.

  • Define the word "intelligence"

    Intelligence is a rather vague word to describe an iPhone. From a technological standpoint, we have come a long way since the 90s, and we've learned alot from it. With that being said, as far as our people that heavily rely on or are socially addicted to their iPhones, I generally don't consider people of that nature the brightest people on the block. Even though I currently own a smartphone, I decide to keep it in my pocket because it can be too great of a distraction to more the more important tasks at hand.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, iPhones are not a sign of intelligence.

    To say that the possession or use of an iPhone indicates the intelligence of the individual is patently ridiculous. Quite frankly, the fact is that there are many very dumb individuals walking around using iPhones, while there are also a significant number of very intelligent people who have shunned the new technology.

  • iPhones are for flockers

    Buying an iPhone doesn't make you any smarter or displays any sign of intelligence. The phone does most of the work for you, so there isn't too much thinking involved. The fact that it can do math, dictate and give directions means we as humans are losing the ability to do these tasks ourselves.

  • iPhones are a status symbol but that doesn't denote intelligence.

    iPhones can certainly be considered a status symbol and most members of the professional class own one. However, this doesn't denote intelligence so much as it does a need for social inclusion and keeping up with one's peers. The iPhone's price tag is higher than most other smartphones, but being able to afford one doesn't necessarily denote intelligence either.

  • It is just a phone.

    iPhones are super expensive phones. How could spending too much on a phone be a sign of intelligence. The idea that "higher income" people buy these phones is complete garbage. Spending money on something that expensive when a much cheaper android can do most of the same things is not the smartest thing to do.

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