• Yes They Are

    They have a smoother interface with a better login rather than a Droid. To those who say no, think about it. There are people who report that 50% of the time their apps are crashing while on the other hand, Apple doesn't have as many complaints. Join the apple side, not the Donald Trump side

  • Is it just what's inside that counts?

    Well in a way, no! It's not just what the hardware is all about. Apple makes their products so the hardware and software are synchronised with one another, giving you a more smoother phone than any phone out there on the market. When I buy the iPhone i don't just buy it for the stunning looks and its design, but I pay that good money also for the quality you get. It feels and looks ( even the interface) much better than any other phone. When you have your "twice as fast" Droid, tell me this, has it not lagged for you multiple times? Well it's because the software is not usually designed specifically for the hardware giving you lag and a very in-smooth phone.

  • IPhones are infinitely more reliable then droids. That is what counts more then anything else.

    I have had droids I have used windows phones and different tech companies have their perks, but when it comes to quality in a phone, I have never enjoyed a phone like my 5s. It does anything and everything you need it to do and very efficiently. I have had it side by side with my friends galaxy s3s and s4s and it blows them away in speed and with hardly any glitches ever. The droids I have owned before never go any longer then a year without issues, laggy screens, battery life cuts in half, transitioning from app to app gets laggy and annoying. I will never switch back as long as apple continues to make quality more important then rushing products out with the next best feature. Apple waits patiently until they master the new features and then put them out there for the whole world to see how much better it runs on their product when mastered to perfection.

  • iOS is a smoother interface

    To the majority of consumers, simplicity is key. Consumers don't know what they want. You give them Linux, tell them it's fully customizable, they look at it, and still turn back to Windows. You give them Google + say its the next best thing but Facebook users that join use it for roughly days and revert back to Facebook. You give them the Droid, an S3 for instance and they browse but find the system crashes while browsing, in game, or apps, despite the fact that the Droid markets itself in superior hardware and advance systems. Now look at iOS: specifically back in the days of the G5 and Powerbook. Why did film makers, industrial designers, artists, musicians prefer an Apple over a traditional pc? Even though pc's would upgrade roughly every three-six months in hardware components and become faster? Because the Apple system/ecosystem, in general, is less volatile. It's a quality build built for quality user experience. What Samsung and all the traditional components manufacturers emphasize are markets shares based on lower margin components and lower prices. They can care less about over user experiences as long as its ok. But this isn't how Apple works. Apple is all about the experience. I'd much rather have an IBM Lenovo High End thinkpad over a generic Samsung or Asus laptop. Same goes with Apple, its about the quality build and efficiency of the softwares. And that all makes a world of a difference between an Apple and an Android. Plus, Apple's advantages are that people willing to purchase Apple products are more willing to pay for Apps. Willingness to pay for Apps will draw the attention of top designers/programmers/and developers to prioritize the iOS system over Android. You go into an Android App store, most of those top Apps you see in Google's Playstore originated from an App Store Developer. Food for thought.

  • iPhones are more user friendly.

    While Droids may be more customizable in the long run, for the average user, the iPhone is a better choice. The simplicity of the user interface on an iPhone allows anyone, no matter their technical expertise, to easily learn and use their phone to its full potential. While more experience individuals may enjoy the freedom of the Droid, the iPhone is much easier to use for most people.

  • I would say yes, they are.

    This is more an issue of personal taste than it is anything else. Some people like Coke, some like Pepsi; both are basically the same, but it really depends. I love my iPhone and would not trade it for a Droid, even if it got better coverage, or a sweeter contract.

  • Iphones aren't better

    Iphones have a great look and style. But the outside isn't the important part. Its the inside that counts. Most android phones are twice as fast as an iphone but for half the price. Iphones are good for very young or old people, but droids are better. Don't let the nice sleek look fool you, the inside is what counts. And the Iphones inside, well, its not worth bying one

  • IPhone are not better

    While I phones are in dead simple and stylish and fast, the countless android variants each unique, touchwiz with its slower but feature packed firmware, stock android with its fast simple yet useful firmware, and HTC sense with their stylish and fast firmware, and more far overpower iPhones simple interface.

  • iPhones are not better than Droids.

    iPhones are more expensive than Android smart phones and their quality is not always better. Also, users have to pay extra for applications used on Apple's phones. Although Apple is a famous company and it is more prestigious, their phones are not actually better than those made by other companies. People should chose more affordable alternatives.

  • iPhones Aren't Better Than Droids

    There was a time when iPhones were better than Droids, but that is no longer the case. After the release of the iPhone 5, it is pretty clear that the iPhone is just a status symbol phone that costs a lot. Droids give you more variety and are a more customizable phone since you can root them.

  • Don't think so

    From what I've seen all iPhones offer is a similar, more guided experience at a much higher price. While I don't get the fanboy wars (with this or anything else, who cares) that go on, I would be inclined to say Android devices are more secure and a better bang for the buck.

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