• he messed up

    Yes, these accusations that are being aimed at the leader of the Equality party are justified. He knew what he was doing all along, and he can not act innocent. He knew what he was doing was corrupt, and he went ahead and did it anyway, and now will face consequences.

  • Yes they are

    Azerbaijan is one of the most corrupt countries on Earth, but what would you expect from an obscure ex-Soviet republic? Corruption is not just an allegation there, it is simply a fact of life. The country is run by gangsters, and the whole system makes the US Congress look pristine and nice.

  • Yes, objective evidence supports his claims

    Isa Gambar was briefly acting president of Azerbaijan, in 1992,
    and he now leads the most popular opposition party. So one might assume he
    speaks out for political gain. But Human Rights Watch, an international organization
    dedicated to promoting civil rights, reports that it too found many abuses in
    the most recent election campaigns. Their objective report indicates that Isa
    Gambar is right when he calls the current administration dictatorial and

  • It is justified

    Azerbaijan fell into the same trap and / or same pattern that the vast majority of Soviet states (and Russia, incidentally) fell into - intense corruption by the military and career long bureaucrats who are both well established historically in the country. Add oil reserves to the mix and there's no doubt.

  • Many Countries Are Corrupt in That Part of the World

    Many countries in that part of the world are corrupt, so Isa Gambar's allegations probably have some merit to them. Gambar believes his political opponent, Heydar Aliyev, came to power through the military and illicit means. Although Gambar is probably just as corrupt as anyone else in Azerbaijan, his allegations are true even though he is hypocritical.

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