• YES ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS ARE ILLEGAL, and there is no doubt in that

    The Muslims have been living in this land for some 1300 years. One day some international powers order them to leave their land so that jews could be settled here. And then jews do bloodshed to expel them from their own land.This certainly makes no sense. If something terrible happened to jews in WW2, whats the fault of people of Palestine? Why they have to pay in the shape of dead bodies of their loved ones? This is unjust, undignified, cruel and criminal.

  • The colonies are illegal

    International law is clear: the Israeli settlements are clearly illegal and the signs of a colonial occupation trying to steal the land from the native people. There's simply no way around this claim, and it's something the international community needs to urge Israel to rescind on. It's time to make peace there.

  • Yes, Irael has a right to the land.

    Yes, the Israeli settlements are legal, because Israel has a right to the land. The land was given to Israel after World War Two. The Jews suffered atrocities in World War Two, and Israel was a small compensation after the things that they suffered. The world cannot change its mind on its decision to give Israel the land.

  • A common misconception

    In contrary to what most of the world believes, Israeli settlements are actually fully legal under international law.

    Those who claim settlements are illegal cite Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which bans an occupying power from "deporting or transferring" parts of its own civilian population into an occupied territory. However, this was never intended to cover a situation like the settlements. It was intended to cover forcible transfers of civilians, such as when Jews were deported to death camps in Poland.

    In 1958, the International Committee of the Red Cross clarified the meaning of that article, saying that it referred to deportations of civilians for political or racial purposes. Israeli settlers are there voluntarily, so this does not apply.

    Eminent legal scholars like Julius Stone and Eugene Rostow have also agreed that the settlements are legal. But by far the most damning piece of evidence is the fact that Ambassador Morris Abram, who was involved in drafting the Fourth Geneva Convention, clearly stated that Article 49 was never intended to cover a situation like the settlements.

    And yes, the rest of the world, particularly the EU, keep claiming settlements are illegal, but that doesn't make it true. Countries often cite international law and turn a blind eye to the truth for their own political interests. Examples include Taiwan, which everyone knows is an independent country, but hardly any country recognizes it as an independent country because they don't want to anger China. When Turkey conquered Northern Cyprus, Turkish immigrants soon flooded the new territory, and there are no protests over this, because the world is not nearly as preoccupied with Cyprus as with Israel. And while the EU restricts trade with Israeli settlements, its free trade agreement with Morocco doesn't exclude Western Sahara, which is arguably occupied territory.

    Hypocrisy is common in international relations, but the sheer amount of hypocrisy Israel has had to deal with is mind-boggling.

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