• In Most Cases

    In most cases, Ivy League schools are well worth the price it costs to go there. First off, students with financial needs often have financial aid given to them at Ivy League schools because their endowments are so large. Secondly, the networks one builds at an Ivy League school stay with you your entire life.

  • Yes, Ivy League schools are worth the price.

    Ivy League schools do cost a lot of money. However they also contain many of the brightest people in the country and from around the world. Many people who attend Ivy League schools go on to make some of the best money in the country. The schools ambition to have the smartest and best students, allows them to charge a little more due to how much the students will be making after they succesfully graduate.

  • I don't think so.

    Studies show that people who graduate from Ivy League schools don't usually make more money than people who go to normal colleges, on average. In reality, the expense of Ivy League schools isn't often worth it. Society paints these overly expensive colleges in a better light then they rightly deserve, only because they have an ambiance of success.

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