• Jails are a form of slavery

    I noticed from research that as the number of prisoners there are, the more we have to pay for taxes. I also heard that there are some prisoners doing work the time they are at jail. If you add everything together, you would notice that the money we use to pay taxes are being used to pay the prisoners to work.

  • Yes, it is

    I've never been to jail before but I know what it's like. It's two words: : LIVING DEATH. Everyone there are complete jerks and mistreat them like they did in the 1800s and 1700s. That is not OK. Jail is not the only way in the world to control criminals. There has to be another way.

  • Absolutely it is, how can it not be?

    When talking about it beyond the opinion on crime and punishment, then yes, it is exactly the same. You are forced beyond your will to be somewhere you don't want to be. You do exactly as someone else commands, or be punished, often by confinement. Your rights are taken away to the point where you are no longer considered a citizen, but by something less than that. The question has nothing do do with race, or social class. At face value, jail IS slavery.

  • Technically Yes It Is But It's OK

    Even the 13th amendment says "except for punishment for a crime". So yes, you are under the control of others, ergo you are their slave. But it is justified because you are being punished for a crime. All the people in the no column should open up a dictionary. Slavery is not a moral term, it is a technical term which in the vast majority of cases is immoral. In this case it's OK but it's still slavery.

  • Yes,

    One the majority of people in jail are black and hispanic people. (most of the time they do the same crime as a white person and yet get a harsher punishment.

    Once they are out of jail they loose most of their basic rights as a citizen. Such as they loose their right to vote, are unable to find job, are unable to receive public housing or welfare. which puts in a situation where they will end back in prison. its an endless cycle for many

  • Yes

    Agree with the "slavery" argument I'm afraid. It's just obvious, in your face, and empirically evident by all socio-economic and geographic measures.
    Similarly, the entire predatory judicial system on the lower classes of society is par for the course, and the WoD simply amplifies and actually solidifies this divide. Which is interesting actually, because these two presenters, the for legalization and against, both seem to be arguing for maintaining that class strata status quo (ie Big Pharma vs Big Law Enforcement.)
    In other words, this really isn't a discussion about the health and safety of society, any part of society. It seems to be more about "Big Turf Wars," vying for the massive public tax dollar gravy train. Nothing more.

  • Wake up folks

    What would Jesus do eh? Your all entitled to your opinion but I have no right to harm you and you have no right to harm me. It's that simple. Work the rest out for yourself Goodluck. Oh and remember to do what your told or you could be in prison too, that's the law.

  • They Deserve What They Get

    I believe that if you truly commited the crime then you deserve to be in prison. Prison is not a form of slavery for they feed them and they give them freedom up to a certain point. Just because they are not allowed to leave the walls does not mean that it is "slavery". Back when the U.S. actually allowed slavery, the slaves were blacks. There are more whites in prison than any other race. If you say that prison is a form of slavery, you are wrong. Slavery does not allow men to communicate with eachother and it most definately does not allow as much freedom as prison does. Sometimes slaves were not even fed. Prisoners are always fed and will always will be. There for slavery is far different than prison.

  • They're paying a debt to society in more ways than one.

    People work for pitifully little money in prison, yes. But look at what's being provided for them. They are fed, clothed, and have programs to help better themselves. These things are not free. Prison industries are not allowed to compete with outside companies, so most of their work goes back into the prison system (or to government agencies, which I do not agree with).

    Criminals did not directly choose to go to jail/prison, but they knew that was a risk when they choose to commit a crime, and decided to do it anyways. Why shouldn't they help support themselves? Everyone else has to.

  • Don't Infringe on Someone's Rights, Don't Get Your Rights Taken Away

    Jail is a simple concept in America. It is the place where criminals go after being convicted of taking away someone else's rights. Jail isn't slavery. It's a way to get those who take away someone else's rights out of normal society to prevent such an occurrence again. Jail may not be the best form of criminal rehabilitation, but it works for now.

  • Jail is a place for people who broke the law.

    Jail is not a form of slavery. Jail is a place for criminals to go that broke the law and deserve to be in jails. They aren't being brought there against their will for no reason, there is a reason why people are in jail and they could have controlled that. Slaves had no choice but criminals had the choice to not commit the crime.

  • No jails are meant as punishment not slavery

    Jails are not slavery. In order to end up in jail you need to break a law. The jail is then there to keep you while you serve out your punishment. If it was a form of slavery a person in jail would not have committed a crime or gotten a trial.

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