• Yes, jails can help to rehabilitate criminals.

    Jail-time can help to rehabilitate a criminal, but it really depends on what the person attempts to do while there. They may be allowed to study, read, and even do volunteer work (like helping to raise a dog that will later be a service dog). It really depends on the person, and whether or not s/he takes the experience as a positive one to reform.

  • Yes some are.

    Some jails are really well known for being good at the rehabilitative side, however not all succeed at that. I think we should make sure to improve our jails to try and help the people who are behind bars get better and really see the errors of their ways and move on.

  • Jails are not rehabilitating.

    Jails as they are currently constructed are not made to rehabilitate prisoners, completely. The onus is mostly on punishment, and it should be, but there should be more rehabilitation going on from within the prison environment. The jail cell really reinforces the convict mentality and is a dangerous cycle to deal with.

  • No. I do not believe that jails rehabilitative.

    No. I do not believe that jails, or prisons are rehabilitative, because there are very few rehabilitative programs offered in jails. The conditions are inhuman, even for societies out cast. When you consider the violence, and treatment reported from these institutions it seems as though Jails and, prisons are nothing more than punishment.

  • American Jails Not Rehabilitative

    To say that American jails are rehabilitative is to make a grave mistake. Our jails are designed to punish criminals without reforming them in any positive way. In most cases, criminals are released from jail and commit crimes soon after. Our system needs to be reworked to focus on actual rehabilitiation.

  • No jails are not rehabilitative

    No, I do not think that criminals can change in jail and that jail makes criminals even worse. I think that jails are not the place for criminals to change and that criminals must be placed somewhere outside of jail like a half-way house in order to change and become members of society.

  • No jails are not rehabilitative.

    No jails are not rehabilitative. Rehabilitation in our jails and prisons has failed dramatically based on what society expects from its prison system. Prisons are just training grounds to breed more and worse criminals. This is one reason that the prison population continues to grow every year instead or getting smaller.

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