• Yes, James and Irving are leading the Cavaliers.

    James and Irving have helped the Cavaliers win their first two games in the seven game series against the Boston Celtics. They are heavily favored to go on and win the series, primarily because of the contributions of both James and Irving. It is arguable that they are two of the best NBA players and they are both on the same team, making the Cavaliers awesome.

  • Yes, the best players on the team are setting the direction for Cleveland in the NBA playoffs.

    There's a trend in the NBA that the best players on a team will raise their level of play during the playoffs. This is happening with the Cleveland Cavaliers as LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are playing very well in all phases to lead the team into and through the playoffs.

  • James and Irving lead the Cavaliers.

    They score most of the points. During a game you hear one or the other or both names mentioned more than others for scoring points. They are veterans to the game and play the game well.They know different strategies on scoring points,therefore do their job well in leading their team.

  • They have made a 2 Game Win

    James and Irving are leading the Cavaliers by scoring a total of 28 points, which is pushing the Cavalier team ahead in the tournaments acording to the ESPN Sports Website. In the past 2 Games, there score was 99-91 because of which their team is on lead by 2 - 0

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