• Americans buy LOTS of Japanese cars, But Japanese DON'T buy American cars. Self-explanatory.

    Currently about half of US car market is dominated by Japanese cars, And the other half is shared among American cars and Korean cars. Whereas in Japanese car market it's completely dominated by Japanese cars, With some super rich people may buy luxury German cars. American cars are virtually nonexistent in Japan and the only people who would import them are car collectors. Most people naturally go for the product with the best quality within their budget. So if Americans are buying lots of Japanese cars but the Japanese aren't buying American cars, That indicates American cars aren't worthy of buying compared to the Japanese cars. Simple logic.

  • It's all in the details.

    Both Japanese and American cars accomplish their purposes well. They are both RELATIVELY reliable with proper care, Are mostly practical and comfortable, And are well matched in most categories. Where Japanese cars have the edge over American cars is in the details. In a Honda or Toyota Camry, For example, The material quality is more consistent and higher grade than a Ford or Chevy. The buttons feel nicer to press. Things are a little easier to understand on the dashboard. Sound systems are slightly better. The sound the door makes when it closes- a high quality whump- instead of a hollow rattle. This is where Japanese cars have the edge. (on a side note, I just can't stand the teal back lighting of Chevy and Ford.

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  • All these cousin fuckers are getting mad

    Some people are saying if you maintain it right it will work but some people don't know how to maintain but Japanese-Americans cars are easy to maintain and fix they have a good market for parts the new Honda civic can get 39 mpg and it's 20k Japanese-Americans cars are the most reliable and cheapest easier to fix then any car and always will be

  • Yes they are.

    I say japanese women are better drivers than american men and american men are worse drivers than japanese women, I prefer cars from japan over cars from america, I when i grew as an adult, I would rather get japanese car than american car, I say women are better drivers than men.

  • These days, yes.

    Many thing have caused U.S made cars to be the way they are now. Their inefficiency in the 70's during the various oil embargoes caused them to be replaced by small japanese cars. Obviously, american vehicles were not prepared for this. Coming to the 2000's, very little work was being done to create a good quality product, thinking that brand loyalty towards older cars would soon cause people to return. That never happened, and the many Chevy's and Chrysler's rotted, until getting salt poured into their wound. Nevermind, things are slowly improving.

  • Overseas is better

    You always see in these fact checker channels that overseas cars are better in every way. Japan automobiles always seem to come out on top and for good reason. But what I think is because overseas car makers are much more stable and keep people in power for long amounts of time while here is a rollercoaster.

  • Overseas is better (beside Korean)

    You always see in these fact checker channels that overseas cars just seem to be better in almost every way they. Many say its because overseas motors are more stable and keep the same people for long amount of time. Which is different from The U.S when it comes to automobiles

  • No UAW Employees

    I work for an American car manufacture and see the UAW (you ain't working) mentality which would never fly in a Japanese,German auto plant. They take pride in their products with the mind set that do a good job and you keep your job! My friend received a recall notice on his 2006 Tacoma (in 2014) for possible frame rust through which by the way he bought new. After inspection it was deemed that replacement was required. They took the truck, gave him a new truck to drive while a complete new frame was installed. Talk about standing behind your product. US manufacture would have told you to pack sand.

  • Ford is over rated


  • People only choose Japanese because aesthetics

    Over engineered= more chance for a failure ,most only choose this because japans cars are more aesthetically pleasing, same reason used car dealers sell cars, you make it look good people think it is good, most don't look beyond that, because most do not know much about what all is happening in a car/ not mechanically inclined, at least early 2000s and older now days i suppose just bout all of its made overseas

  • Here's the deal

    Every brand, no matter what the country of origin, has models with problems. I've see plenty of Hondas with blown transmissions and peeling paint, and Toyotas whose frames rusted away to nothing. I've see American cars go hundreds of thousands of miles. They all require maintenance, but some more than others. The Japanese cars developed a reputation for reliability back in the day, but they often needed timing belts and valve adjustments, so I never thought they were worth it. Parts were always more pricey for them too. I have a 1993 Chevy Corsica with a 4 cylinder engine that's pushing 300,000 miles, and the engine and transmission have never had a problem. I had a Grand Marquis with almost 400,000, and an S10 with over 400,000 miles, and even though I don't know if they had problems before I got them, they did fine for me, and ran well when I sold them. Change the fluids, hoses and belts as needed, and drive them like you want them to last, and most cars will give you your money's worth.

  • Consumer reports says it true, so it must be true...NOT.

    I would really like to find these people who claim they bought a domestic vehicle that suddenly explodes for absolutely no reason or what ever crazy and outlandish story. I have owned domestic cars all my life and have never had any of these "crazy" problems. Have I had domestics break down? Yes. Were these high mileage vehicles with less than ideal up keep? You bet.

    I have owned 2 brand new domestic vehicles and a couple newer models (2007+). I had one single issue with a brand new silverado I bought at the end of '08. The front actuator was trying to engage when in 2WD. The cause? A damaged sensor caused by the chain the driver thew over the axle during transport. Not a problem with the design, manufacturing or parts.

    What else? Oh, yes. I own a 2012 malibu bought used in 2014. Two recalls and still running strong at 65K+. Funny most similar classed vehicles of the same year have 1 - 3 recalls, just like the 'bu. But the foreign cars are just "so much better".

  • They desperately need to work on their styling

    I have been driving a Dodge Challenger for several years without a problem. It has only needed oil changes and filters - nothing else. People say that the Japanese build cars that are more reliable, but I don't see how that could be when they cant even hire a reliable stylist. Cars like the Juke, Murano, anything by Infinity (I can go on and on), look like they were designed by someone who staggered into work drunk and puked on the floor just before going to the drawing board.

  • Pollution is going because it ships from Japan

    They are very suffering when living in the jungle too, I got my Honda Accord 1995 gone away in 2000, and my Mercedes Benz lasts longer than 5 years. Please I have a 25 year old BMW and a 25 year old Audi B3 please because I had a 31 year old Chevy.

  • Are you guys kidding me ?????

    REALLY!!!! You guys are going to say Japanese cars are better? What's up with that, this is America not Japan. First off we did not even need japanese cars on American shores. Look at Ford for example, their building the ecoboost engine and people are loving it. What about the Chevrolet Cruze, Dodge Dart, and Ford Focus, even the Chrysler 200 they all get good gas millage. What about the Dodand charger and challenger Hellcats and the Tesla p85D, both of those cars with send the Nissan Gtr crying to it's mama. And who wants a Japanese truck, thats right not very many people do want them. American vehicals aways have and always will be better and the best.

  • It actually depends

    How do you treat your car? Do you bring it in for scheduled tune ups, oil changes, and general repairs when they need them? If you said yes, then your car should be running for a very long time. If not then you don't take care of your car. I have a 2001 Dodge Durango with almost 200,000 miles on it and have had no problems with it what so ever. It all depends on how you take car of your car.

  • No, Japanese cars are not necessarily better

    Japanese car makers excel in producing cars that meet or exceed some of the various characteristics that a car buyer is looking for, i.e. gas mileage. However, the overall quality of American cars is better. Car buyers typically look for specific qualities in a car, such as gas mileage, safety features, resale value, etc. Japanese cars may out-perform American cars in one or more of these qualities, but never all of them. When you look at everything as a "package", overall the American made car is better. Plus, buying American helps the American economy.

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