• Maybe yes they are.

    Jeremy Corbyn, an unapologetic socialist, received nearly 59.5% of
    first-preference votes to become the leader of the British Labour Party.
    He swamped his rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, a
    “Blairite” who finished last. The Tony Blair-backed candidate trailing
    behind, coupled with the leftist Corbyn winning the leadership post,
    signals a repudiation of New Labour and its mimicking of the
    Conservative Party.

  • Corbyn and Sanders: unapologetic socialists of the British Far Left

    Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are both unapologetic socialists of the British Far Left. It’s not hard to find similarities between them. Both are elder statesmen who have long cultivated a community of the faithful and now have had the spotlight forced upon them. Both began their campaigns without any serious expectation of electoral success. Both have served in their respective legislatures as free entities. Therefore, would could argue that these individuals are kindred spirits. C

  • Both Are Socialists

    Both Jeremy Corbin and Bernie Sanders have an ideology rooted in supporting the "common good". They both believe that, through maximizing the size and power of a government, economic equality and stability can be achieved. Corbin and Sanders have been able to raise support for their cause by emphasizing the moderate positions of their opponents.

  • Sanders and Corbyn are kindred spirits

    Sanders is not as far left as Corbyn but we know he would not be elected if he was. I think it would
    have helped the cause to mention all the hard work Sanders has and is
    doing.Sanders and Corbyn are kindred spirits in my mind and they have been watching each other's campaigns. Give credit where credit is due.

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