Are jobs and affordable housing the only reason people are moving to Texas?

  • Yes it is about the jobs.

    Texas has a great economy. I saw on a poll that it was one of the top five states for economic growth. There is no real reason to visit except for the jobs and cheap housing. The sun belt will continue to grow while people move out of the Iron belt.

  • Yes, jobs and affordable housing are the only reason people are moving to Texas.

    Texas is very friendly to business. One need only go through Dallas and see the incomprehensible zoning laws that allow heavy industry right next to housing. Texas is hot, dry, and filled with people waxing nostalgic about the glory days of the Alamo. Texas has a lot of immigration and will continue to.

  • Texas is BIG

    The state of Texas has a lot to offer besides the extremely abundant jobs and affordable houses. In San Antonio, you will find Seaworld. There are numerous Six Flags theme parks and many more attractions that bring both tourists and inhabitants that want to be part of the states attractions. Texas has amazing weather and it pretty much has most of the climates you will find on a topographic map. If you want a desert with low amounts of rainfall, move to El Paso. If you want rain like I do, with the risk of hurricanes, move to Houston. If you want a regular type of weather with fair amount of rainfall and sun, go to Austin or San Antonio. There is also snow in the northern part of the state, so if you want to see some snow, move to Amarillo or perhaps Lubbock. Texas is BOOMING. If you go to the state, you will see an abundant amount of activity that other states will envy. Everything is BIG in Texas and is also getting BIGGER. If you want to see what this state has, check this out.

  • Who Is Moving To Texas?

    I don't know anyone that is moving to Texas. I'm also unaware of the housing market or the job market in that area. I would assume they have a depressed economy just like the rest of the country. I would venture to guess more people are heading toward Colorado and Washington state.

  • No I disagree

    I have heard of alot of people talking about wanting to move to Texas before I even read this question, several years ago. That might come into play with some people, but alot of people like the idea of land, warm weather, mountains, country life. There are many reasons people move.

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