Are jobs being destroyed by Information Technology?

  • Unemployed By Technology

    With the creation of technology, there have a number of jobs that have been made obsolete. There is no doubt that some have lost their jobs due to the advancement of technology, and that is to be expected. In an ever changing world, it is understood that some things become outdated. While technology has indeed claimed the lives of many jobs, it has also added new jobs into the mix, needing new employees as well. These employees are higher trained and better paid. So, in the big picture, it is a matter of perspective.

  • Yes, some jobs are being destroyed

    Some jobs are being destroyed by information technology, however some jobs are also being created with new technology. I think that the most automated and simple jobs will be eliminated first, and as technology advances more and more jobs will be eliminated. Thus the lower skilled worker may have a harder time finding a job in the future.

  • Yes it dam well is

    Yes it dam well is, Information Technology is not a replacement for the necessary human being. The entire industry should not destroy a person's livelihood, or the family. If anything it should secure the foundation of livelihood and the family. Yet it isn't doing that at all. With each new information technology job, it forces workers to have to spend money to go back to school, or receive costly training. Who is going to fit that bill, most certainly not the employers. There is no shortage of I.T. Specialists, only a shortage of companies willing to hire them because they don't produce anything.

  • No: IT added value on jobs

    Information technology got rid of one job being done by one man using manpower which was hard of course. IT brought a collaboration of tasks towards similar goal. The value is added in this manner that you may hate technology based applications for instance, the program is designed by a number of programmers, there is administrator for the application, a user. So my take is there an added value to every job.

  • No Information Technology is not destroying jobs

    Information Technology (IT) is not destroying jobs in the United States (US). That being said IT is changing how the business world works and the changes in these processes are making certain job skills obsolete. For example the use of high resolution scanners have reduced the need for key punch operators, the job was not destroyed. It simply is no longer need as a result of progress.

  • No: Jobs Are Not Destroyed By IT

    IT is a source of jobs for people, and facilitates the high tech world which we live in. What will destroy jobs, ironically, is the larger system itself, as it destabilizes from the corrupt practices of CEO's and government officials, the advent of climate catastrophe, and the increasing automation of jobs by advanced robotics and AI algorithms.

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