• He is a Rhino.

    Yes, John McCain's views are unreasonable, because he wants to control everyone and everything. McCain is just like the democrats in thinking that people cannot do anything for themselves, and they need government to tell them what to do. McCain also just wants money and power. He does not connect with the people. He is a weak politician on a power trip.

  • Too Old, Too Stubborn

    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is just too old, too frail and too set in his ways to make many of his views reasonable. When he pranced around the stage and pointed to then-Sen. Barack Obama and called him "that one" in 2008, that moment was the end of McCain's presidential run. He needs to retire soon or he'll be ineffective in office four years from now if he seeks re-election.

  • They're Not Unreasonable

    I do not believe John McCain's views are unreasonable. I believe he did a very good job in his campaign, however he obviously picked the wrong running candidate which over shadowed his campaign from the moments she was brought on. I think that decision killed it. For the most part I found his platforms viable, I just couldn't see him making it health wise.

  • No, but they're not progressive enough.

    John McCain was supported for many in his bid for the presidency of the United States some years ago because he is credible as a POW who suffered a lot. He does reason out his ideas and so for some they still carry weight. However, they do not address the world as it is today.

  • No they are not.

    Everyone has different views and should be allowed to express them. I do not think that makes any one person's views more unreasonable than the next. This allows people to properly vote for the ones who share similar views and interests on the subjects that matter and get the right people voted in.

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