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  • Junk food suks

    It is very bad dor u. U can di fom it. I lik it but it us bad fur u. It is very bad fo u. It tastis god bud it id nor. It id unhalfghy. Pepl shuld nut et juk fof. Juk fod us baf/ fur u. Dunt et it

  • Is junk food bad or good ?

    Junk food kill up to 18 million people a year. People get gall badder from eating to much junk food, people can get addicted just from eating it. Junk food can change the way a person behavior and many more things you never knew. This why junk food is bad

  • No, it is called junk for a reason.

    Junk foods are not actually healthy. It is called junk for a reason. Junk foods usually mean a very large amount of calories, sugar, or fats. All of which are bad for us when taken at large portions, which is what the junk foods usually do. They are delicious, but not good for us.

  • Junk food harms

    Junk food are really not healthy.Schools should ban junk food these are very harmful to our body.For students it is really really harmful.
    All of us should avoid eating junk foods,these are not beneficial to our health.If you all want to stay healthy then put your all efforts .Stay healthy!!

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