• Yes, Kat Grahams's plunging tops can be an appropriate fashion statement.

    Although plunging tops are certainly not for everyone, they are proving to be popular and even acceptable as a fashion statement. If one is comfortable with their body, they should certainly step out of their comfort zone and if they so choose, sport clothing that flatters their figure and increases their self confidence. When plunging tops are subtle and designed to fit one's figure, they can be very alluring. However, one should take into account their size, shape, figure, and how much skin they are comfortable exposing.

  • Yes, the selection of a woman's top is no one's business.

    Shaming of women for the cuts of their tops is reprehensible, sexist and wrong. It is a chest, nothing dirty or different from a man's, and should be subject to only as much restriction as a man is given. Appropriate dress has to do with the requirements of the occasion - white tie, black tie, business casual and casual - and nothing more.

  • Of course they're appropriate

    Any young woman has the right to dress as she chooses, whether it's seen as a fashion statement or not. Kat Graham isn't parading around naked, and her clothing is no more revealing than what many other women wear, so there's nothing about it that wouldn't be appropriate. It seems a bit unfair to criticize.

  • Plunging tops are not appropriate fashion statements.

    We need to set an example for our small girls and teenage girls. Plunging tops are not the way. We need to show them to keep covered up and leave some things to the imagination. We need to show them how to dress and have respect for themselvesand plunging tops are not the way to do that.

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