• Just look at them...

    Crying when they want something, demanding your attention at every hour of the night. These "vipers in diapers" are the epitome of selfishness. Don't let their adorable looks fool you — infants are evil.

    One last point: notice how you never have to teach a child how to misbehave. Rather, you have to teach them to BEHAVE. This certainly must be evidence that children have the innate characteristics of evil.

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  • No, I don't equal babies to murderers! But...

    ... I feel inclined to say yes. Children are born innocent (assuming there is something like guilt at all) and void of morality. But isn't being void of morality generally referred to as being evil?

    It takes some years for toddlers to learn that other people around them have emotions and motivations that differ from their own. And I don't think after all, anyone ever does something evil only for the sake of it and even in the minds of the most gruesome murderers they still think their acts were justified, no matter how twisted their views might be.

    Please don't get me wrong. I don't want to morally compare murderers to babies! But challenging the pure concept of evil, how can we say a toddler didn't learn morality yet and therefore isn't evil, but a murderer didn't get it either and therefore he is?
    Consequently, I don't think evil is a learnt behaviour. There is at least one account of a grown-up feral child who tried to rape a woman. He didn't ever learn social morality and thus kept the moral "default setting" he was born with - which I therefore conclude as predominantly evil.
    As social animals we're all born with both "good" and "evil" traits, but in my opinion all of those concerning social morality are mainly developed by interaction with others.

  • Does Evil even exist?

    Evil is a very vague concept. While morality it self is much more concrete evil can be ascribed to anything are you evil if are selfish are you evil if you enjoy other peoples suffering are you evil if you want what's best for you and yours while its not the best for others? Is a sociopath evil? They never chose to lack empathy. Was Hitler evil? Before world war one Hitler was a starving artist as a result of the war Hitler was suffered mental illness severe enough for him to loose his sight. Yes he actually was blind due to mental illness there is nothing to suggest he held his later ideologies before the war so was he evil? Would he have developed his hateful beliefs anyway? Evil is a way for us to explain actions we are unable to accept or understand. The majority of people are selfish and what they do for there own benefit weather its good or bad.

  • No one is born evil

    No person is born evil, in my opinion being good or bad is a choice, when you are at a stage where you know the difference between good and bad you then have the choice to make bad or good decisions. How you chose to behave determines whether you are considered evil or good. Children are not born evil because they haven't come to the world knowing whats morally correct, they are born innocent, how long they stay that way varies,but no child is born evil. Good and Evil are learnt behaviors.

  • No that is not how God created it

    Every child is born with a clean mind, soft heart, and pure soul. After life begins at conception the soul of the child is watched and cared for by God, but once the child grows up in the world, they meet the free will of man and are tempted by the Devil. Some commit sin and disobey God, and others retain their chastity.

  • NO. Children are born void of morality.

    Children are born behavior neutral. Their ability to determine 'right' from 'wrong' would need to be connected to their understanding of event outcomes. Since their is no understanding in infants, and without this understanding good or bad intent can not be established, they can not be evil. Their not evil, just empty.

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