• Sugar Overload Dose!

    Kids are having to much candy and sugar filled drinks. One yoo hoo has [about] 24 grams of sugar. As a result kids are getting illnesses and they sometimes lead to death. Which is why i believe this.......So, as for this is what i think of this, PEACE OUT guys

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  • Sugar is The Worst!

    I hate it! Sugar is the most worst, most horrible thing in the universe. It tastes terrible! Just like kale!! It is the most worst and horrible and ugliest thing I can think of! Sometimes you become hyper after eating all that evil stuff! Also, it affects your brain! Never eat sugar!

  • Americans in general (no matter the age) are eating too much sugar

    I've been on several diets, but none have been as effective as simply targeted removal of refined sugars and carbs. Don't eliminate carbs altogether, just be aware of how deeply sugar/fructose/etc. Permeates our diets in this modern age.

    If you make meals totally from scratch (not buying anything that isn't already an ingredient in and of itself), you'll see what I mean. My friend and I used to eat sweet potatoes all the time and had to put lots of butter and brown sugar on them to even taste the sweetness. After a week of salads and just balanced homemade meals...Unmodified sweet potatoes were almost too sweet to handle.

    And since the ready to eat foods that kids eat are 100x worse quality than what adults eat, it's not even a question that there's too much sugar in their diets. Early-onset diabetes will affect nearly 1/3 of the next generation of children and it's not a genetic issue. Raise the cost of school lunches and have them eat real food, not McNugget foam, salted frozen green beans, off-brand pudding, and sugar-laced drinks. It's not hard to make food that meets budgetary requirements and is also good for kids. It's really not.

  • Speaking in 1st world countries

    Authority Nutrition believes that Men should have 37.5 grams and Women should have 25 grams per day. They also say in 2008, they found the average intake of sugar was 76.7 grams. Also it is like a drug. You crave sugar and sweets. Also why don't they mention the % daily value of sugar? It is extremely high.

  • Kids like junk food.

    They would even choose to have junk food as their meals. As all of us understand, junk food contains a high level of sugar, salt, as well as calories, which is absolutely unhealthy to kids. Therefore, kids eat or drink too much sugar due to having lots of junk food.

  • On average? Way more than they should be ingesting.

    Even if you eat a strictly all-natural diet, it's easy to absorb too much sugar because many fruits nowadays are grown to be sweeter than they should be. Ice-cream, sweets and similar snacks have always been popular, but as society progresses, the purchasing abilities of the parents are higher than ever, and much more likely to buy such snacks for their kids because money isn't that big of a problem. Oh, and let's not forget the amount of conditioning to which kids are exposed on a daily basis, with sensual enjoyment from snacks sometimes being characterised as 'classy' - I hate Oreo's adverts for this very reason.

  • YESS! Of couse

    Because food/candy/drink companies want to make there foods more delectable and even more appealing, they unnecessarily permeate their products with sugar. People find the food tasting great, and they consume too much of it. Eating sugar abundantly increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, and obesity. A big percentage of some countries' population is obese, thanks to all the sugar laced into our foods.

    Posted by: ss12
  • Of course some are. Some aren't too.

    Of course some people have over what they should have, and of course some have under. It's "too" by the way whoever set this question up.
    Back to the point, some kids are eating/drinking too much sugar. Particularly in countries that don't have a do it yourself attitude, like America. In NZ, any American foods taste ludicrously oversweetened. Likewise I'm sure in Japan New Zealand food tastes hideously sweet.

  • It Depends On Where The Kids Come From

    The world population is around 7 Billion People of which around 1.7 Billion are Kids. So do all 2bn kids consume too much sugar, No. In fact out of the 196 countries only about 53 of them consume too much sugar (kids). What i am saying is that think of Africa or china, there is not too much sugar consumption there. If the topic was renamed:
    Do American Kids Consume Too Much Sugar. I would be in favour of the argument.

    Posted by: Fomo

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