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    Kids These Days Are Becoming More Inmature And With All The Technology It's Never Gonna Help Them. It's Good That Future Technology Is Advancing Which Yes, We're Getting Smarter But, That's Not Gonna Help With Their Behavior At All! I Can Definitley See A Dark Future Ahead Of Us! Besides, What's Happening With Our World Right Now Is Gonna Just Make Future Generations Worse!

  • Of course they are getting worse

    Young kids nowadays drink more alcohol, smoke, make up with random strangers in a single party, just because they think it makes them look cool. Parents should start caring more about their children instead of spoiling them and posting fake nonsense in facebook. They are the only ones who can change the future.

  • Sadly, they are

    No self-discipline, no self-control, and no self-respect. The reason why every kid is getting worse is because of the immature adults giving a false example towards our younger people. They say that a kid is innocent when they do something bad like cursing, but what they don't realize is that the little children can't look over themselves. They need to be taught with authority, morals, logic, control, and discipline, because they can't take care of themselves yet my friends. Don't ignore them.

  • They have no morals...

    Lately it seems that the children around here- mostly ages 10-16- think that sex and drugs make them mature. It freaks me out; I overheard one freshman talking about an abortion she had, another talking about facing homelessness and the glories of meth. What the hell happened? They don't listen to teachers, they complain about everything and they share the life experience of aging prostitutes without the wisdom that comes from it.

  • Highly pathetic tbh

    I agree totally with this theory and the saddest part about it is that it may get worse and worse throughout the years. Generations to come will be more cruel and disobedient towards the previous ones and maybe even treat them with disrespect. It is the parent's job to perhaps cancel this disease of such.

  • Yes they are

    Children are really misbehaved. I've heard them talk about sex, drinking, and other inappropriate things. There should be no reason why children should know any of that stuff. Parents need to start caring more about their kids, and being involved in their lives. Amen, flying spaghetti monster is watching over you all.

  • Absolutely they have!

    Technology has destroyed them! This is the ADD-generation, they get bored of everything fast, and they are just bored of life. They appreciate nothing cause they have too much. Kids were far more creative generations past. They had morals, values, and the family unit was still intact. Today its all broken down families and corruption. Kids are so lost today, and adults fail as parents cause technology and the media have destroyed them too.

  • Kids are unbelievably misbehaved nowadays and they are getting even worse

    12 year old-s are now drinking, going to bars, revolving their world around boys and drama which is a disaster! They'e forgotten about school, family, life! Their brains are extremely shifted now to the wrong direction... I believe a kid should not be facing all this because we were created to experience ages for a reason. A child should not be facing all this during such a young age as it all reflects their behavior as adults. If kids remain behaving like this, there will be no better world.

  • Yes it's sad.

    There are a lot of problems with kids these days. They are either drinking, having sex, smoking, swearing, doing drugs, even skipping school and being disrespectful to people and even their parents. Why can't the parents discipline them or something? They have to do something about it. It disgusts me to see kids like this. It's sad to see what the world has come to. Maybe they should learn about Jesus Christ and get their lives sorted out and be respectful, have good morals, and be a better person.

  • Yes they are

    I have cousins and friends who all believe this. Kids are getting worse and worse do to bad parenting. They aren't keep in order anymore. They just do whatever they want when they want its horrible. I've seen kids in stores yelling, biting, cussing, and spiting at their parents and others and their parents do nothing about it.

  • Yes we are but don't make us too bad.

    I'm reading the opinions and they are saying at age of 10-13, They are now smoking drinking or even sex. Well not all, There are still good kids like on our country. Don't say that we are doing bad habits every time, Do not underestimate us just because we are in the current generation which saying bad, Look at your generation, You did bad things too, There are no perfect generations.

  • We are not bad guys

    Maybe if you listen to us and understand our problems and stop looking at us with distain then maybe we would listen to what you are saying. We have morals as well, ours our just different to yours. Stop having a go at us when we have done nothing. Thank you.

  • Just no.... ....

    Stop ranting you old men!!Just because newer generations are stupid doesn't mean you weren't that at one point. I feel like half of these people just think to themselves that the kids these days are worse than them so they can pretend like they weren't smoking at 13 and drinking and the other half just want people to think that they are helping out by taking about this stuff (but they are not) and besides the new generation is bring change from both ends of the spectrum, yes they are still stupid and do wrong choices but if it weren't for the new replacing the old, people would still think burning people and crucification is normal

  • You were once the “Bad Generation”

    The ideals that you grew up with in your youth were once looked at as questionable and they were worried that their morals were dying out. Every generation as a whole will look at the new generation as worse than theirs, because of some perception that things were better before, even when- by all measurable benchmarks- life is growing more convenient, and people are growing more tolerant. Someday this generation will worry about the next one, and be concerned for how “aimless” and “immoral” the kids suddenly seem to be.
    There is no need to be so cynical and hopeless for the world, because people will generally just want to live a good life for themselves, and that means functioning like a normal human being.

  • Golden Age Fallacy

    Humans are by no means unique in their actions from a social perspective in the sense that the older generation will always hate on the younger generation for whatever arbitrary reasons they may encounter. Young people have always been reckless, stupid, or whatever. It's part of the learning process of life. In my opinion the only thing that has changed is that we live in the Information Age where we are more connected and aware of the actions of people around us. Nothing has changed in the world from a civilization standpoint, there has always been violence, disrespect, "immorality", and other various struggles.

  • Perception changes as you get older

    We tend to idealize not only our youth, but our behavior as well. Trust me, we acted spoiled and entitled all the time, too. And in our adolescence, we swore, and we all knew someone who smoked or drank or had sex. Or we did those things ourselves. And to those saying "such-and-such disability didn't exist back then"--yes, it did. But people with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses were sent to other schools, or placed in separate classes, or even placed in institutions.

  • Kids are good, news Bad

    I am never disrespected by kids. I live in a middle, middle class area and I never see kids doing the things I did when I was a kid. Sometimes teenagers are withdrawn into their own little worlds but they are TEENS! The news has really pumped up that the world is going to hell in a handbasket but I see no proof of this. There are huge ratings in fear mongering.

  • Yes they are

    These damn kids and their loud stupid music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Not exactly bad

    Yes our generation is known for bad behavior but previous generations have done the same. We generally know more about the crimes in our world today because we have technology spreading news all around the world, but that doesnt mean that the prev. Didnt do the same. On top of tech. We learn from elders and they taught children of these things. We are just more exposed to the real world then what elders were.

  • No they aren't

    I personally don't think kids are getting worse every generation.If anything they are getting smarter.Kids these days deal with the same technology as we do now at this age and are able to comprehend it.They are learning things faster than we did because of the increasing exposure they have.
    As far as the biting and cussing goes,it is up to the parents to discipline their children and has nothing to do with the generation.

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