• It kinda scares me

    I never was that kinda child growing up. What can possibly cause kids to be like that? I don't understand. Frankly it kinda scares me a little to see how kids can be. In some cases kids today can be quite evil. What is causing this. I never was like this growing up!

  • I wouldn't use the term "out of control"

    As the generation gap increases, people anticipated the future generation to possess sound intellect and be more civilized. But, children who live in civilized society are getting pampered day by day. But, children do have more knowledge although elders don't acknowledge it, Children are interested into technological gadgets and are highly tech-savvy. So I personally don't believe that children are getting out of control but are getting good exposure to the outside world and are more knowledgeable these days.

  • The problem isn't the number,

    It's that it's much easier than it used to be to find them. "The loudest segment of a population is often the loudest". Most of them are probably not nearly as vicious(, either not aware of how strong they're coming off or trolling,) unless they have Anger Management issues, high stress, PTSD, ect. Bad conditions that may manifest as hatred or outlashes

  • Every generation of kids is the devil's generation.

    One consistent thing across history is the accusation that the youth is out of control. In the 60's, kids were smoking pot and having sex. In the present, kids are smoking pot and having sex. In the 20's, kids were drinking alcohol and having sex. In the present, kids are drinking alcohol and having sex. The youth is always accused of being out of control as if the accusers were saints in their time.

    The waltz used to be a taboo. It was considered inappropriate for people to hold each other so closely. The tango used to be a taboo. It was considered inappropriate for people to press up against each other. All the wild dances of the Roaring Twenties were considered taboo and inappropriate. Today, we have grinding and too many adults act as if it is an unusual and unexpected trend only present in today's youth.

    Don Tapscott is the author of Growing Up Digital. He claims that the current generation is the smartest generation of kids, so it might be pretty big for adults to criticize the youth.

    It might be true that some kids do really bad and criminal things, but do not generalize all kids and claim 'Today's youth is evil'. A few bad apples does not mean that all apples are inedible.

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