• Why should we have cops in school?

    Kids are perfectly safe in schools just the way they are. Imagine if you were a kid sitting at your'e desk about to take a test when all of a sudden you hear a grunt. And when you look up you see a cop staring you in the eye OH JOLLY ME! JUST MAKING SURE YOUR'E NOT A MASS KILLER!

  • Depends which school

    Some schools have seen decreased funding over the years and have seen their local economies go down the toilet. Any school in this situation or any school in a poor. High-crime area is very likely to have seen better days in the past. The recent 2008 recession only worsened these kinds of neighborhoods (and others) so certain schools (due to demographic and economic changes) are no longer safe anymore.

    On the contrary, you have schools where the conditions improved. Where demographics and economics have worked in that schools favor and made a much more trouble-free school. Therefore saying all schools are unsafe is a myth, but so is saying all schools are.

    Life is never linear.

  • Yes, school is definitely still safe and is much safer than in the past.

    Despite the overflowing headlines of school shootings and the like, schools are in fact safer than they were years ago. Procedures are in place in case of an emergency and locks are on all doors leading outside. Some schools even have metal detectors and security guards. These weren't in place in the past.

  • Yes, kids are still safe in school

    Regardless of all the recent violent killings that have happened in schools, kids are still relatively safe in school. These kinds of actions will occur whether or not safety protocols are established in schools. The question remains on whether proper parenting should be in place in order to prevent these kinds of actions to begin with.

  • Just As Safe As Before

    Your children are in no more danger now, than they were last week, a year ago, or a decade ago. Children, especially teens, are prone to violence. Remember your history studies, wars break out when the majority of the population is young. Children can be dangerous and there is always a possibility of violence in schools. Sheltering children from places like a public school is probably worse than letting them go.

  • Well yes, if you mean generally

    Honestly, no where is safe. You could spend your whole life with never going outside, living in a steel box, know what to do in every situation and still die. But the chance is EXTREMELY low. Same thing with schools. There is a chance, but it is very, very tiny.

  • Security guards have guns and tasers.

    Security can stop shooting because of their taser and gun which can stop a shooter. And since students might be frightened so they might behave better which can stop school fights. So This is why I say School Security guards and students are still safe. But not all students are safe.

  • Stop school bullying programs don't work

    I would never send my children to public schools because they are not safe anymore. More and more children are becoming victims of bullying. Half of all teachers are predators or pedophiles, School shootings are increasing, These idiotic dress codes are ruining kids self worth and are sexist, Teacher bullying and shaming has vastly increased. Schools are rife with germs that could make children sick or kill them. School lunches are not healthy. They're just not safe there anymore.

  • I believe they are not safe

    I believe they are not safe because bullying is tacking place but is not dealt with, At a school it can become very cramped very easily and this could cause the spread of a virus easily and schools are not the most hygienic places to be as the most dirty places are not cleaned as keyboards and door knobs

  • I say no

    I say no because the use of illegal substance selling alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Bullying, School shooters and harrasment this is not ice to even witness in school. These days this is what happens. STOP THE BULLY. STOP DRUGS. STOP ALCOHOL CUZ U CUD GET ADDICTED. SCHOOLS AREN SAFE ANYMORE.

  • Not enough is being done.

    As a student, I do not feel safe. At my school the only protection we are provided is one cop, Small chains that hook around the door handle, And a corner to sit in. How is this effective? Especially when most classroom doors open outwards. Safety of students should be a higher priority, And not just safety, I wan't to be able to feel calm and okay every time the intercom comes on. I want to feel safe during a lock down. Why don't we put a small bulletproof storm shelter in each classroom or in the hallways? We could be knocking two problems out at once. Some classes at my school have to walk OUTSIDE to get to the storm shelter. All of it is ridiculous. I don't even want to go to school anymore.

  • Kids are not safe

    Kids are not safe anymore anyone can get on any campus if they wanted to also if your kid has an allergy like a peanut one good luck they don't care they allow teachers or whomever to buy peanuts in staff room they don't care doesn't matter what you do or say. I have volunteered for the last 5 years at the local elementary school and red codes every month it is horrible MY Kids are going further in life home schooling and we get to travel the world and enjoy life and be safe and I do believe anywhere is not safe but in the schools really? This is sad.

  • Sometimes schools are not making me emotionally safe

    When I go to school, I should feel safe. However, Sometimes I don't feel like that. When I go see my principle, When I should talk to someone that is working in my school, And when I go to school, I don't feel safe. My school is full of consequences and suspensions. There are some rules that I cannot understand. When I do something that is wrong, Even though it is a big one or a small one, My school suspense me. That does not make me safe in emotions a lot. Also, The school sometimes discriminates boys and girls. That does not make me comfortable. The school that I go to and I attend to is not a place that is safe for me. And I think no school will be better.

  • There's nothing stopping someone from walking in with a gun.

    I walk in to high school every morning in a massive crowd. Sure, There's a security desk and a guard, But someone could easily sneak in with a weapon in a bag. They'd never be suspected. In my personal opinion, There should be bag checks. I'm sitting in class now, It doesn't feel safe.

  • I'm in school

    I don't feel safe because we watch the news and i see the florida shooting and i think that could be my school. There are so many laws about guns plus kids have access to stuff like weed and cigarettes and vapes now a days and they bring stupid things like knifes and toy gun for jokes.

  • I was bullied

    I was bullied so terribly that I had to switch to being cyber school. I was a victim of this and I personally think that schools our killing our children.. When I went to school I got spat on, falsely accused of rape 8 times by the same girls, and raped. Not to mention beat, and made fun of.

  • No it’s school or your life now

    With Nicholas Cruz and dimitrous whatever his name is schools are only hunting areas these days Im in high school and I fear my life now. We need to not only have police in the school but like 50 national guards that’s all we can do but..... Does retard-in-chief understand no is he going to do anything? No. America has turned into the biggest laughing stock and school shootings is one of them.

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