• I think it's yes

    Many people, that I've seen who are addicts of video games are very shy. They don't talk much to anyone and when people do approach them they talk quietly and about violent games that makes people shy away from them. Video games teach children to be unsocial and lock themselves in a room instead of socializing.

  • I think it's more likely, yes.

    I bet you'll find more gamers would identify themselves as introverted. I think it's more likely that an introverted person would choose video gaming as a hobby or passion, as opposed to someone who enjoys constantly being around others. As an introvert, I find solo gameplay to be a great way to relax. I also engage in group events online, which are more social, but not as draining on my psyche as, say, a crowded party (which I also enjoy from time to time).

  • Kids who play video games are more introverted.

    Yes, kids who play video games are more introverted because they are spending time with a machine that doesn't ask questions or make them run around. The kids who are playing video games do so because they are more lazy and also introverted. The kid would rather spend more time with a machine than with people, which I think is okay.

  • Yes they are!

    Kids who play video games are usually more quiet. They are more quiet because they sit at home all day alone. Im not saying that you should never play video games, but some video games have no pupose but to cause a child to be more violent. Kids who play video games grow more aggressive every time they play. Some kids are already shy and video games are their only fun time. THat does not help. They need human interactions to get a job!

  • I just looked it up

    GOOGLE HAS SPOKEN!! And it says that while introverts are more likely to play video games, video games don't cause that introversion. The fact that people think this is, very closed minded, and I personally have made, and kept 17 friends from video games


  • Of course not.

    I honestly don't see how kids who play Video Games are introverts. Me, I'm a 27-year-old man who plays Video Games and I talk to people and I have a job, though there are days when I don't feel like talking.

    Video Games are an escape from Reality. You may not learn anything from Video Games, but they're still fun to play. ✌

  • This is not at all right

    I get how people would think that because big gamers, like me, tend to spend more time on games then talking in person. But the thing is i am home schooled and out in the country where there are not a lot of people so for non-family human interaction i play online games like Minecraft or rainbow six: siege and now that i am in collage i am not only able to hold a conversation with someone but i actually have something to talk about.

  • No, not at all

    For me it was quite the opposite actually. I became introverted because when ever I would speak to someone, I would either be ignored, or put aside. Then, I got into gaming, and over time I learned how to have a basic conversation and even make people laugh. Sometimes however, I want to be I'm my community/ playing a game rather than in life; basically a gateway to another dimension-

  • No never no

    Kids watch gamers these days who are talking to the camera constantly. After watching videos like that, some kids start talking to themselves. This way they can communicate better and more. I know someone who were an introvert person and talking to themselves they became more of an extrovert person. Now that kid is one of the most popular kid in school.

  • Just cause you see a kid playing games for two seconds does not mean you know what he does all the time.

    I play video games, my friends play video games, and we still have an entirely fine social life. Oh, you see a person playing Halo or Skyrim or what have you? Man, they're sitting in front of a machine not talking to people. Must be introverted, right? Yeah, you ever heard of a thing called "multiplayer"? It's literally where you're interacting with people while playing video games. It's also funny how TONS OF VIDEO GAMES ARE PLAYED MULTIPLAYER. Sure, they may not be interacting face to face, but interacting with people in some form does not make you introverted. Not saying that someone who does this isn't introverted, just that you can't assume that just because they play they are.

    Additionally, you may see someone playing some game for an hour or so. You instantly assume they're introverted. And you miss the other 5 hours they spend at they're friend's house, or at a party, or a restaurant. Come on. They might even be exercising at the gym, and are totally buff, but they play video games. They might go out to dinner with their friends almost every night, staying till midnight, but they still play video games. And you call that introverted?

    This should be an easy decision if you actually take into consideration that they're not on video games 24/7. Sure, some are, but you can't make that assumption, and the majority aren't in that boat. Case closed.

  • The total opposite

    I play some 3 hours of video games, and in language arts class, my teacher had to install a rule, because I asked so many questions during a discussion, so half of the class couldn't talk. For you bigots who believe that video games have no social interaction, think again. Many games have multiplayer modes, which involve talking to people.

  • No, not necessarily.

    A young person who plays video games is not necessarily more introverted at the start. It is just fun in the beginning. However, if a young person gets addicted to the game and spends most of his time staring at a screen, it is likely that he will become more introverted over time.

  • Of course not

    Playing video games doesn't have as big an effect on day-to-day life as people thing it does, unless you sit playing them 24-7. Also, many modern video games have a social element, throuhg headsets and online gaming. People aren't made into introverts by blowing up some virtual zombies every now and again

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