• They Should Sit In

    Honestly we all know that Kmart/Sears is going out of business in the long run (or the short run) depending on how long they keep it up. These employees have little to no benefits, they aren't paid a living wage even, and then on top of that they're required and threatened to work national holidays. They should all protest, they should all do a sit in, and earn some of their dignity back. We shouldn't let employers have control over us like this.

  • Yes, they absolutely are.

    Kmart workers are overworked and underpaid, and when such an important time of the year to enjoy life with family and friends comes around, it is necessary that they seize that opportunity. They are under no obligation to work contractually on national holidays. It would also boost staff morale if they had a break from the constant shopfloor work.

  • Rights of Kmart Employees

    I think that they should not be forced to work if they want to spend time with their families. If they do choose to work they should be offered a holiday pay rate, and that may help them get employees in for the day. I understand needing workers but forcing them is not the way to go about it.

  • Kmart workers: In the right.

    Nothing seems to be sacred anymore. Kmart workers, (who are probably working their tails off working long minimum wage hours just to put food on the table and support their families) will not be able to see their families, in which they've worked so hard to provide for. There should be NO ONE working on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is not a federal holiday, so working then could be understandable. But who desperately needs to go to Kmart, etc. on Thanksgiving? By supporting this and going shopping on Thanksgiving day, it just feeds the corporate beast and puts people at a disadvantage. What happened to family values? Reasons like this are why youth act out sometimes. Parents aren't home for the important parts because they're slaves to their jobs when they shouldn't necessarily have to be.

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