Are labor organizations necessary for progressive economics?

  • Yes, they are necessary

    Simply because when having fincaial stability it is important that people feel as though they are both protected and helped. With labor unions it provides the economy with simple growth when people can fight for what they believe will not hurt our nation but help it. These labor unions are formed to ensure security and with security comes growth .

  • Yes. But they must stay true to their purpose.

    The purpose of labor organizations was to protect laborers from the power of a corporation that could use and discard them at will. They were individually not powerful, but, banded together, they made strong organizations. However, these organizations have only grown stronger, to the point that they themselves are now huge (and corrupt) businesses, using their clout to oppress their own members, or to force small businesses into doing what they want. Rather than standing up for the little guy, now they are the ones doing the pushing, and this goes against their original purpose.

  • To an extent, yes

    The labor force will not be a stable one without organizations protecting it and making sure it isn't being abused. Unreliable workers don't make for dependable economics, and certainly not progressive ones. In both sense, both in terms of financial growth and moral acceptability, labor organizations are needed for progressive economics.

  • Not Necessarily

    It can be argued, fairly, that labor unions helped speed up progress, in terms of progress in the standard of living for workers, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It should be stressed that growth, not unions, was the cause of the rises in living standards, but unions may have played a positive role.

    However, now unions are oftentimes more of a hindrance.

  • they effect global economics.

    unions are in large part, the reason for the North American economy in its struggles. they demand wages and benefits that go beyond what is actually required for the given work and when put to the market, the labour is often cheaper in foreign countries. by raising the price of labour, in turn the cost of products must go up or risk going bankrupt. when the prices of something makes it unattainable to the public, you either raise the wages of everyone else to accommodate or make the product cheaper. unions are also self sustaining entities that will support or attack governments in a manner that protects their interests alone. without to financial support of union members, unions would become extinct.

    unfortunately, the grass on the other side is greener regardless of its artificial qualities

  • No! Labor organizations had their time and place, and are now hindering economic expansion.

    The demands of labor organizations has grown above and beyond reasonable. In this global economy, we are no longer able to compete with foreign labor markets, and are losing jobs at an unacceptable pace. A good part of this is being caused by unrealistic demands being placed on corporations, school systems, etc. by organized labor.

  • No

    There are plenty of work places that are successful with out unions. If you want the best than you will have to pay for them. Labor organizations protect the weaker employees because the employer is unable to fire them because they have all the rights of an employee that is a good one.

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