• Labor unions are good.

    Labor unions can be seen as good for the society in general.Labor unions usually look out for the average working man and therefore many people will benefit including family and businesses that cater to the working man like stores and restaurants that are open after working hours and have affordable prices.

  • Yes they are good.

    Labor unions are good because they help to assure that workers have rights. They help to mediate between employees and employers when there is a problem. This saves time and money compared to having a trial in court. They are also good at finding jobs for the people in the union.

  • They are not good!

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  • HI BOB is my name.

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  • "They used to protect workers...

    Now they persecute them!" Workers are paying high dues just so the union can support pro-union politicians. For example, teacher unions support candidates who oppose school choice because that is bad for the union. I could support unions more if they were subject to the same rules as businesses but they are not.

  • NO, I don't think labor unions are good.

    I have been researching them and I have found many interesting facts I didn't know before. First of labor unions cannot be taxed and they don't have to follow antitrust laws. Antitrust laws were created to keep from having monopolies and unions are just creating more. Also at labor disputes if someone is hurt or causes damage unions do not have to repay.

  • There are bad aspects to unions.

    While there are good aspects to labor unions like job security and often times higher wages, there are bad aspects as well. You often have to pay high dues to be a union member. The dues cut into the higher wages at you earn. You also have to protest and be out of work if the union decides even if you don't agree or want to.

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