• Without Unions, There is no Protection

    In the United States, we currently have fairly good working conditions, and it is easy for people to forget how far we have come. It was the unions who eradicated child labor and the unions who gave us the 40 hour work week. If unions disappeared, we could easily slide back to poor working conditions.

  • Yes: Labor Unions Are Good For America

    The good that labor unions can do is limited perhaps to the degree to which people can learn to organize themselves and create better working conditions for themselves. The problem with labor unions is that they may very well end up fighting to retain jobs that ultimately will degrade the living conditions of the world through toxic pollution and climate disruption.

  • Labor unions are good for America.

    Labor unions are good for America. Labor unions prevent employers from taking advantage of their employees. Labor unions help employees maintain certain wages, gain benefits such as health care and vacation time, and higher job security by placing restrictions of the firing process.Citizens with a high sence of job security will lead economic growth through consumption.

  • Yes labor unions are good for the American worker.

    The concept of labor unions is good for the American worker. However today's labor unions have to stop and take a look at where they are and where they want to be going. In the labor unions have won battles for the 40 hour work week, overtime pay and improved safety standards. Today have gotten too far into the arena of politics and forgotten about the average worker. They are still needed and a good worker, but they also need to accountable to their members.

  • No, labor unions are not good for America.

    I do not believe that labor unions are good for America. I think that they are very detrimental for the workplace and businesses in the country. A lot of labor unions are corrupt and the leaders of them are more interested in making money for themselves. I think there needs to be more regulations in regards to labor unions.

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