• Labor Unions are bullies and thugs

    Chrysler almost die because Unions made sure to demand money that they knew the company wouldn't be able to pay. Whats more the reason our schools are not that good because Teacher Unions are blocking all educational reform. Unions don't want workers rights they want workers benefits and they will willingly destroy the economy to get it.

  • No, they are no longer popular.

    Labor unions have had declining membership for a few years now. One of the reasons is that manufacturing jobs have left the country in droves. The manufacturing jobs that remain do not pay all that well. Their workers are just glad to have jobs and resent paying dues every week. American factory workers can't control the taxes withheld from their checks every week and they can't do much about the high insurance premiums that are withheld, but they can refuse to give up even more of their check to unions.

  • They are not

    No, I do not think that these labor unions are doing a whole lot of good anymore, and I do not think that they need to be in place here in the US. I think that at one time they were important, but not now in the day and age we are in.

  • Corporations are terrified of unions because they're very useful.

    I think that WalMart and other large companies, with their strident anti-union activities, are a good indicator that unions are quite effective. If unions were a non issue, they would not be doing everything in their power to prevent their employees from associating with them. Unfortunately, the anti union sentiment is winning at this time.

  • Labor Unions Useful

    I personally think that labor unions is no longer useful because of today's society. I personally think that labor unions are not useful because the government has have a lot to do with the labor unions and how it has affected the labor unions. I personally think that labor unions is no longer useful because of the economy.

  • Laber Unions are not no longer useful.

    Labor Unions are not no longer useful. Labor Unions are still very useful in protecting worker's rights and preventing employers from underpaying labor or terminating employees without reasonable cause. Labor Unions are especially useful in unskilled fields such as maintenance, sanitation, and building services. However Labor Unions are also useful in all types of industries such as education, professional sports, and even performoing arts.

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