Are labor unions really necessary to protect worker rights?

  • Are unions needed? Yes.

    Without the power and leverage that a union brings to the table, the worker as an individual has no power to fight for rights. With the workers brought together in a collective force, they have much more bargaining power to stave off greedy corporations. Without a union, who will protect the worker?

  • Yes

    As there may be people who don't deserve the benefits of the union (a.k.a. what the NO people call slackers), there is a vast number of people who need and deserve the benefits. Let's not make one bad apple spoil the whole bowl. Getting rid of unions will rid of workers having a voice, and the companies can and will treat you like dogs. Coming from a fast food employee, who is not under a union, and whose parents work under a union. I have a clear understanding of the importance of one and how different each work environment is.

  • Yes

    Unions are necessary, but could use some reform. Most arguments against the union are about protecting people that shouldn't be protected. This would be my issue as well. The union is there to protect a hard-working individual, if their rights are infringed upon. If someone is using the union as a crutch to not do their job well, then fix the union. Doing away with unions will set us back and destroy the middle class.

  • Without Unions companies will try to get the workers to work as cheaply as possible to benefit shareholders.

    When workers to work as cheaply as possible to benefit shareholders, they start a downward spiral, if you are not making good wages you have no money to spend.

    Posted by: TightRell
  • Somebody needs to represent workers.

    Yes, labor unions are necessary to protect the worker rights. If such a body doesn't exist, who would represent the workers? Labor unions can very well understand the needs of workers and put formally to the respective authority. Authorities also have benefits since they needn't talk to every individual but only the union's representatives.

    Posted by: TownMaso
  • Labor Unions are good

    Labor unions help workers and their jobs. I am not against labor unions because without labor unions,a boss would probably treat workers very poorly. Without labor unions they would treat them like they are nothing but animals who do not know how to do their hard jobs if they could get away it.

  • Yes labor unions are necessary to protect workers rights, because big companies only care about making more money for themselves, and would pay their workers nothing at all, if they could get away with it.

    Labor unions are not perfect. The days of labor unions being run by real workers seem to be a thing of the past, so the union heads do not always have their workers best interest at heart anymore. Still, workers could not have any kind of job security without a union to protect them. A small business owner might care enough about their employees to pay them a decent wage, because they know them personally and see their work first-hand. To a big business, however, their workers are just numbers on a piece of paper. These numbers can be erased with ease, and have no emotional connection. Without a union, no CEO of a major company would care about the John Doe working in a plant on the other side of the country.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Unions are necessary to protect the rights of workers, because they are more effective than the individual alone.

    An individual in the work place does not have the power, wherewithal, time, or finances to protect his or her rights, when in conflict with an employer. Only by having an organization that can dedicate itself to being the advocate and protector of an individual, can workers be shielded from arbitrary and capricious actions by employers.

    Posted by: FLindsay
  • Without unions people won't get a lot of money

    People wont have a lot of money and a lot of people will be homeless and on the streets. People won't have enough for food or for goods. They won't have enough for activities or for what their kids want and need. They also won't have enough for themselves. That is why you need labor unions.

  • With No Unions, Bosses/Managers would do and say whatever they wanted with no repercussions.

    If Unions weren't around manager/boss would do and say whatever they wanted with no repercussions. Before, all complaints or grievances were taken to the government. And with government agencies getting smaller and smaller. Your complaint wouldn't be heard for months possibly years. And while that is happening your out of work waiting to get you job back. A properly ran Union is as effective as the people that are in it. If the people in the union don't care then the union fails.

  • Unions are great if you're a slacker or incompetent.

    Hardworking and competent people who work for non-union companies do fine. Sure they still get fired when hard times hit but this is part of a healthy, free enterprise system. Unions were necessary when there were sweatshops and no child labor laws. A normal company can't get away with that in the US unless they are operating under the radar or illegally, in which case they would never be part of a union anyway. My wife was part of a union and she also worked for Wal-Mart corporate. The unions hate Wal-Mart because the company is thriving and they resist unions at all cost. I never met a Wal-Mart employee who worked under dangerous conditions or who was forced to stay at a job they hated. It's very simple, if you don't like the wages, benefits or conditions at Wal-Mart or any company, quit. The worse abuse by unions is commonly seen with the bottom-rung teachers who have no business teaching our children. Fire them and pay the good teachers more. Instead they're often shuffled to younger elementary classrooms where kids really need motivated, gifted teachers to build their foundation. I say unless unions can self impose massive change, say goodbye. You might not like to hear this but is getting a few more bucks an hour and a few more paid days off worth eroding our country?

  • They force dues

    They force dues, they take your hard earned money and don't do much of anything for you!!! There are laws on the books that do for free what unions gouge you for. They also spend your money on political issues you may not want your money being spent on. Unions are a thing of the 1800s... move into the 21st century folks!!

  • Free markets establish balance between owners and workers

    Unions artificially inflate wages and costs. The market is the only fair way to establish the value of labor. There are plenty of organizations looking out for workers safety the remaining issue is wage and the labor market will sort that out. Also there is good evidence to support the case that free market driven wages will drive employment.

  • Competency drives the world, not lazy slackers

    Apart from protesting for anything that could get them extra benefits, I am yet to see the unions doing any good for any society. All they do is stage protests, disrupt businesses and build a mentality of "its my right" than "I have earned it". Companies these days are a pleasure to work for as they support employees in all forms and one thing I would hate to see is my companies business disrupted by a crazy bunch of people who doesn't contribute to the society and inhibit others from making a contribution. I strongly feel that these so called unions should be ring fenced and made to protest in some remote part of the country where they do not interfere with the daily lives of many a hard working people who take both pleasure and satisfaction in being part of today's hardworking society.

  • Unions are useless

    I cannot believe in this day and age that people actually believe the unions are necessary. I have had my first brush with them. I cannot believe the level of incompetence I'm forced to deal with. Unreal. I came from nothing and worked my way up and here I have a group of people who do not realize there is an economic crisis going on, who don't believe that they have to do a certain amount of work to earn a pay check. I work nights and weekends to make up for their lack of work. At this point, I'm ready to sue my employer for discrimination.

  • Absolutely not necessary anymore.

    A good example of not needing unions is that there are many companies that are not union and are doing just fine. How would anyone want to work at a non-union company if they were so afraid their rights wouldn't be protected? Unions hold companies hostage and sometimes cripple cities when there are public employee unions. Unions are extremely corrupt and are directly tied to political candithates and special interest groups. I work for a non union, very successful, very desirable company. People are lined up to get in here.they provide well and treat their employees very fair. Unions do more bad than good.

  • Labor union bosses are just as bad as CEOs.

    All unions require members to pay dues, and most of them go towards the boss' gigantic salary. At newly organized businesses especially, union members may not receive any wage increases at all. Greedy union officials and members with seniority get the raises while average workers barely get anything. Often, unions spend their workers' money on politics, such as the $300 million unions spent on defeating a politician the union officials didn't like, regardless of the other members' political parties. The little guys in unions are forced and threatened to vote for the union officials' interests in union polls.

    It's bad enough for workers to be at the mercy of the boss of the business, but even worse to also be controlled by union bosses.

  • Stop killing corporate America

    Today, the Department of Labor and a host of laws and regulations exist to protect workers, therefore, unions are no longer necessary. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded. Unions put employees in difficult situations and make unrealistic demands on management. Corporations won't be able to keep up w/ demands and make a profit.

  • Government is really protecting workers

    The unions have destroyed companies and make the economy worse. They take away some of your hard earned money. If you want a union you can have one, but don't make everyone join it. We should have the right to choose, not to be controlled. If you step into a union building you will see how much of a waste they are.

  • Unions get out

    Unions are nothing more than places for totally unskilled workers to make big money and have houses at the lake.Why do you think our cars cost so much.I have no respect for unions or the workers.There is a time and place for everything, and now its time for unions to dissolve so Americans can afford things again, and the uneducated union workers get a real job like the rest of us.And quit threatening to go on strike every time you don't like something.Grow up

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TAMATHA says2014-06-03T02:59:13.667
You do realize that Wal-Mart jobs were NEVER meant to be the "bread-winning" job in the family. If they don't pay enough you may want to think about working somewhere that does. If you don't have the skills to work somewhere else that is on you to make that change. Stop depending on everyone else to improve your situation and rely on yourself. Wal-Mart is not a career, it's a job. The sooner you realize this simple fact the better off you and everyone else with your views will be.

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