• Lame Jokes Inherently Lame

    Without a doubt, lame jokes really are that lame. They're designed to be funny in an awkward (lame) way, and not everyone responds well to such jokes. For that reason, a person should focus upon being clever and coming up with jokes that actually make others genuinely laugh in response.

  • Lame Jokes Rock

    Lame jokes are just awesome jokes in disguise. They bring out the immaturity in adults and young adults with their adolescent portrayals. Lame jokes can often times be used as an icebreaker for people that look like they need a laugh. People should use lame jokes more often and maybe they will become cool jokes again

  • Are lame jokes really lame?

    They aren't cause people still laugh anyway. It's just for a different reason, but it makes a lame joke turn out funny! They still laugh at the stupidity of the joke. If these jokes were lame why do we laugh? If we didn't have lame jokes how would we know what a good joke was?

  • No lame jokes are not lame.

    THEY AREN'T LAME. THEY ARE JUST FUNNY XD Lame Jokes are hilarious and can sometimes change very awkward situations into a competition on who can come up with the best Corny/Lame Joke. Sometimes you go wow that was lame, but really you'll be thinking, haha that was a good one. Lame Jokes could probably even make you seem attractive LOL JKS!!!!!

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