• Yes, they are.

    Landfills, until we find a way to convert our trash to clean energy, is the best way to deal with our waste. Even better when it is buried, because it deteriorates more quickly. Still, a better way is going to have to be found in the future as the world's population booms.

  • Hurting the world

    As when these are badly harming nature as lot of disease spread and soil pollution is also happening when population booms garbage will increase so they should recycle the waste reuse and reduce.!!!???????!!!!!
    And when burned air is getting harmed so not right to do with garbage .!!So stop

  • They are a waste

    Landfills are primarily used by the government because it is by far the cheapest methos of disposal but like many shortcuts, its bound to be flawed. The biggest flaw with landfills is that 98% of the waste there is still either reusable or recyclable. Even old banana peels can be used in compost. Another flaw with landfills is it encourages upper class people to throw away useful stuff. The biggest flaw with landfills is there toxic and even though there is a liner, it is bound to eventually leak. Recycling has great oppritunity is it requires many people which could significantly bring down unemployment. If we recycle there could be unlimited resources forever or at least for a long time. Another major flaw with landfills is they take up too much usable space. A recycling plant would take up alot less space leaving room for urban devolepment such as lower income suburbs or rec centers and schools maybe even a few stores. Landfills are useless and some countries even found alternatives but none are as good as recycling so the whole world must agree to recycling and forever prevent waste and landfills. We must also find an alternative to those wasteful trash bags.

  • Landfills taking over

    No, landfills are not good for a number of reasons. They aren't good because if we keep on making landfill sites, rubbish will take over, if we don't find another way to dispose of things. Plus the smell of landfill sites are absolutely disgusting, and may effect the sales of the homes around it because of the smell. Another good reason is because we just keep on making more things if we put stuff into a landfill site, whereas if we re-use reduce and recycle, we won't use up that many of the earth's precious resources.

  • Landfills are not the way to go

    I don't think that landfills are a good way to get rid of rubbish because its harming the land and making it dangerous not just for animals and other creatures but also for us humans. The gases and other chemicals that come from the land fills are only going to make people sick, kill animals and destroy the environment. God didn't give us the land just so we could abuse and destroy it he gave it to us to look after and care for it. If we look after our environment now then it will be around for many more years to come and the earth will care for us if we care for it first.

  • No, they are not.

    Land fill are very dangerous to the environment. It causes many different chemicals to get into the ground and can hurt people can animals. It would be better to find a safe way to contain it where the contamination would leak very little or not at all. Kind of what they're trying to do with uranium rods.

  • No, landfills are not a good way to dispose of waste.

    Although we can gain some benefit from existing landfills, such as for methane generation, overall landfills are potentially toxic to our environment. Toxic chemicals that are contained in plastics and other refuse currently tossed into landfills could leach into the groundwater tainting our water supply and harming the environment. Our primary methods of disposing of waste should be recycling and re-purposing of materials. Our current recycling programs should not only be mandatory but supported with education. Nearly everything that ends up in a landfill can be reused or recycled and not simply tossed away to poison the land.

  • The waste is not being disposed of

    No, I do not believed that landfill are a good way to dispose of waste. It is merely taking waste from one area to another; this is not disposing only redistributing. The first step in disposing of waste is to stop the large items from becoming waste in the first place. This can be done through recycling those items that are able to be recycled.

  • Hurting the environment

    No, I do not think that landfills are a good way to dispose of the wastes that we have build up. Landfills hurt the environment a lot, and are really bad for the natural species that live in and around a place where a landfill is put in to place.

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