• Yes they are

    While we live in a more global world, there is still a huge variety of language and culture. If we are doing business or otherwise communicating with others language translations are necessary. We need to be able to write or speak with others and make sure that we understand one another.

  • yes they are

    Yes, in today's world most likely at some point in your life you will be talking to someone from a different country and can not speak back and forth with them, so you will need a translator to make sure that you understand each other and get your point across.

  • Yes, language translations are a necessary evil

    Language translations are very necessary in today's society because we have so many people that communicate with each other that speak different languages. The translations are necessary for the people that do not speak that language to help understand and further communicate with those that speak the foreign language today.

  • Language translations are necessary

    Language translations are necessary but not really evil. With the ease that people travel and can communicate with other cultures by way of the internet, translations are necessary for many different people. Without these translations, communications would be very difficult and commerce would not be as efficient as it is today.

  • They are not evil.

    No, language translations are not a necessary evil today, because language translations help people communicate that would otherwise not be able to. Language translations allow people to make agreements when they otherwise wouldn't understand what the other person wants to say. Translations are more accurate than speaking a broken language that you don't really understand.

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